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Cardiff SEO

Our seo agency can help to optimise your website. Whether your business is based here in Cardiff, or further afield we can help.

Organic SEO

We specialise in offering an organic seo service. If you would like your business to rank higher organically then why not give us a call?

Local SEO

If your business requires local seo, then we can offer affordable prices. We can help to take your business to the top of the organic rankings and the local business rankings.

White Hat

We will only ever use white hat seo methods. This means that we will use methods of seo that Google’s algorithm will approve of.

Affordable Prices

We offer affordable seo prices. We offer a range of fixed priced packages. To receive a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring?


We are an SEO company in Cardiff

SEO is the process of strengthening a websites rankings signals.
The businesses which are listed at the top of Google, are the businesses with the strongest ranking signals.
Organic and local seo is a continuous process of strengthening a websites ranking signals.
We use the very best white hat methods. We use a combination of link building, content marketing and other onsite seo methods to help optimise your website.
Affordable prices which are suited to any sized business.


How much does SEO cost?

We can help your business to get listed on the first page of Google. We mostly work within businesses that are based within Cardiff, however we also work with businesses based further afield. Prices start from £190.00 per month

Quality white hat seo

Affordable prices

Organic and local seo

Experienced seo consultants

Why choose us?

There are now so many Cardiff SEO agencies to choose from. However, we believe we have the edge, that’s because we will never cut corners, we will only ever use the best quality white hat methods.

Large and small businesses

We currently work with large and small businesses. We also offer no obligation written quotes

Google’s algorithm

Google makes regular changes to its algorithm. This means that you will need a white hat agency that has the most up to date knowledge of how Google’s algorithm works. We have seo consultants that have over 10 years’ worth of experience, so we have the expertise that your business needs.

Crystal clear

Some Cardiff SEO companies profit from marketing jargon. We explain our SEO methods clearly and concisely.

Best methods

We use content marketing, link building and other white hat seo methods to optimise your businesses website.


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We keep up to date

Google is constantly perfecting its algorithm. This means that multiple major updates and algorithm changes take place frequently. We have the expert knowledge to ensure that your website ranks high in the SERP’s.

White Hat

We are a Cardiff SEO agency that only uses white hat methods. This means that we will only optimise your websites onsite seo and offsite seo using white hat methods.

Local and organic SEO experts

We have seo consultants who work for us that have over 10 years’ worth of experience. We are white hat seo experts. We specialise in organic and local search engine optimisation.

Our SEO Packages

We will need to audit your website in order to offer you a bespoke quote. We can then offer your business a fixed price. All our seo services are priced per month.

  • Local SEO

  • Free quotes

  • Local SEO | Low competition | Prices £180 – £450 per month
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  • Local SEO

  • Free quotes

  • Local SEO | High competition | £450 – £1000 per month
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  • National SEO

  • Free quotes

  • Prices start from £1000.00 per month
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Our Case Studies

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Like most capital cities Cardiff is bursting at the seams with many different businesses.

From a consumer’s point of view, well its great to have so many businesses that are based right here within Cardiff, South Wales.

However, from a business perspective, well your business may now face a lot of competition.

 So its important that if your business is based here within Cardiff, that you invest in a form of marketing that will allow your business to stand out from the competition.

And what better way than to invest in quality SEO?

We here at Top Space can help to get your business ranked higher on Google.

We can offer your business:

  • Local and organic SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Web Site Design
  • SEO consultants
  • An SEO agency that will only ever offer you white hat SEO


How long will it take to see results?

Our digital marketing agency specialises in offering two forms of SEO, those are organic and Local SEO.

Simply put we can help to improve where your business is ranked within the organic business results.

We can also help to get your business displayed within the Google My Business results as well.


How will you improve my businesses onsite SEO?

SEO falls very broadly into one of two areas, they are onsite and offsite SEO.

Often when we first take on a new client we start to work on the business’s onsite SEO at the very start.

It’s worth keeping in mind that most online marketing agencies, ours included, believe that Google’s algorithm calculates over 200 SEO signals when working out how strong your businesses SEO is.

So, here are some of the areas that we will work on in order to improve your businesses onsite SEO.


Content Marketing

We can offer your business quality content marketing.

Whether you’re having a new website designed for your business, and you therefore wish to hire us to write the content marketing for your company?

Or alternatively you need help writing your company blog posts each week, we can help.

As most digital marketing agencies will also say, its really important that quality content marketing is added to your website.

Googlebot will notice this quality SEO work, and then Google’s algorithm could move your website up the ranks.

However, all SEO work must be white hat.

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Your SEO company should add meta titles and meta descriptions to each page on your website.

So, let’s say you are looking to purchase a new electric bike, yet you already know which brand bike you want.

So, if a business was to write the brand of bike into the meta title and meta description that business may standout at you when your looking at the SERP’s.

And if you do not know what SERP’s means, well, it simply means search engine results pages.

So, let’s say you search “mountain bikes”.

Then you may spot that business number 4 in the SERP’s stocks a few of the bike brands that you like, then that company may well be more likely to be selected, so SEO agencies refer this to as improving the businesses CTR (Click Through Rate).

This is why digital marketing agencies, including ours, recommend that meta titles and meta descriptions are added.


Internal Backlinks

Let’s say you run a web design business within Cardiff Bay, and each week you publish a blog post.

So one week you may well be talking about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and the next WordPress, but a lot of website designers and companies use internal backlinks to help readers to navigate to another page easily.

So for example, let’s say your talking about how a business who owns a WordPress website may want to make their website AMP, so on the blog post about WordPress websites, you may wish to link the page about AMP as well.

Many digital marketing agencies here within Cardiff believe that by adding internal backlinks, it can help Googlebot to better crawl and index your website.

So for example, Googlebot may well be indexing the page about WordPress websites, yet then Googlebot may then see the anchor text “AMP” and then follow the link, and then crawl and index the page about AMP.



Let’s say you run a business, and you offer many different services, so for example our digital marketing agency can offer your company local and organic SEO, content marketing and also link building as well.

So, for each separate service that we offer, we should add a separate page describing the services that we offer.

This will allow us to have a meta title, meta description, internal links, anchor text, alt text for each page.


Blog Posts

A great way of helping to improve your businesses SEO, would be to add blog posts.

Many businesses within Cardiff add blog posts on a regular basis, however the blog posts must be white hat. But as any good online marketing agency will tell you, they must also form part of a wider marketing strategy.

The reason for this is often a marketing agency, such as ours will say that adding blog posts alone is not enough in order to improve a businesses SEO.

So instead a business must also be working on improving its offsite SEO, such as building backlinks for example.


Bounce Rate

Is Google Analytics saying that your businesses bounce rate is super high?

Well, you should work with a digital marketing agency, like Top Space within Cardiff to lower your company’s bounce rate.

If you do not know what we mean when we use the term “bounce rate”- well this simply means what percentage of your websites visitors that are leaving more or less straightaway.

And as you can appreciate a large number of visitors leaving your company’s website, could mean you are losing out on sales.

So are they leaving because its hard to find the product that they want on your website?

Is the shopping cart simply too difficult to complete?

Is your company’s website just very slow?

Our SEO agency will need to look at why your business has such a high bounce rate.

We would then need to then make changes to the websites design and also the websites SEO, so that we can help your business to reduce its bounce rate.



Your online marketing agency should look to see whether or not H1 through to H6 tags need to be added to some pages.


Alt Text

Do you sell many products, has your SEO company added alt text to each product?


Page Speed

You may have paid a Cardiff web design company a lot to design your website.

And your business may now be very happy with the design of the website.

But what if the website is super slow?

Well, as most SEO companies will tell you, a slow loading website could mean that your website ranks lower.

So, a good digital marketing agency, like ours will advise on whether your website needs faster hosting.

Or if SEO improvements need to be made, such as changing your websites design so it loads faster.

For example, would your business benefit from investing in AMP?

Or does the website you currently have feature a slider, which is slowing the homepage down?


AMP simply stands for accelerated mobile pages, it simply means that a website can load on a mobile more quickly.

Some SEO agencies, including ours believe that its important that some company’s invest in AMP.


How could you improve our businesses offsite SEO?

If you do not know what offsite SEO means, well do not worry, we will explain all.

It’s all well and good an SEO company optimising your businesses onsite SEO; however, you have to ask how will Google’s algorithm know how important your website is?

How will the algorithm be able to decipher that your company’s website is stronger than say another rival business?

Well, most digital marketing agencies believe that its due to backlinks.

And before you start building backlinks, its really important to remember this, all of the backlinks must be high-quality.

Plus, the backlinks must be relevant to your business, so for example, if you run a web design business, well there’s no point in obtaining backlinks from say your local dentist.

The backlinks must be high-quality, built in a white hat way and also be relevant to your business.



Okay, so you own a business here within Cardiff, South Wales, and you’ve had your website designed and built by a local web design company.

Yet now you may be wondering well how do you build backlinks?

Well, if backlinks are not built correctly, so this means the links are not quality well your business could incur a penalty. One of the most talked about link penalties would be the Google Penguin penalty.

So, do make sure that all backlinks that are built are quality.

The reason being is if your business was to receive an algorithmic or manual penalty, let’s say a Google Penguin penalty, well your business could be removed totally from Google.

Plus, as most SEO company’s will tell you, it can take a very long time sometimes to recover from a Google Penguin penalty.

Which means that your website may not be in that timeframe be generating any business.


Business Citations

Its important that your business has business citations. Sometimes some online marketing agencies refer to business citations as just “NAP”.

What is important is that the NAP information is consistent. So for example, as Google’s algorithm and GoogleBot indexes each business citation, it should be the same.

This means that your business here in Cardiff, should have the businesses name, the businesses address, the businesses phone number exactly the same.

This should be the same as your company’s website, your business citations, and also on your Google My Business account as well.

The business citations must be consistent, if they are not, then you should hire an SEO agency, like Top Space to make sure that your business citations are correct.



NAP simply stands for name of your business, its address and phone number.

This should be mentioned on your website, it should be able to be crawled and indexed by Googlebot, this means it should be written in text so it can be indexed.

Some website designers may also write your businesses NAP information within a picture, for example on showing your company’s offices, however this would make it hard for Googlebot to index the work.

So as any good SEO agency within Cardiff, South Wales should tell you, your business should have NAP information on your website that Googlebot can read.


Social Media

Your business may have multiple social media accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Some SEO company’s will then use these accounts to promote recent SEO work that they have completed.

So for example, our SEO business may write a blog post about AMP and how AMP could help to improve your businesses SEO.

Then we may use hashtags and promote the article on Twitter, and this may help to get more people reading the article.

Now if some of the readers own their own SEO agencies, then they may find the work useful, and then these Cardiff SEO companies, or other SEO businesses may link to the work.

They may therefore write their own blog post about AMP, and then they may mention our blog post, and therefore offer a backlink.

However, its worth remembering that all backlinks must be built in a white hat way.


Business Mentions

Some digital marketing agencies think that the mere mention of your businesses name could help to improve your company’s SEO.

So for example, lets say you are about to launch a new product, and you get your business mentioned by say the BBC, well some online marketing agencies, believe that the mere mention of your business, on a website like the BBC, could mean that this could help to improve your company’s SEO.


Business Reviews

It’s really important that your business obtains genuine business reviews.

Now we use the word genuine intentionally, that’s because some businesses do write fake reviews sometimes.

But as a good SEO agency will tell you, fake business reviews, when they are written on Google My Business could be noticed by Google’s algorithm.

So that’s right, by faking business reviews, this could mean that the business gets removed from Google My Business listings.

And this is an important point, as let’s say you run a business here within Cardiff, and let’s say you run a construction business, well, if your business gets removed from the Google My Business listing, well that means that the 3 Google My Business listings could then just feature your rivals.

So that’s why many online marketing businesses when they are working on improving a businesses local SEO, they will often aim to get the business as high as they can within the organic listings, but also to get the business in the Google My Business listings as well.


Google My Business

Not sure what Google My Business means?

Well Google My Business is simply an account that Google offers for your business to list details regarding your business details, such as its address, phone number, opening hours and a link to your business as well.

Now, without this account its very hard to get your business ranked in the Google My Business results.

But if your business does get ranked, well sometimes this can be a massive advantage to a business.

As let’s say you want to purchase a pizza, so you are looking for local pizza take-away shops within Cardiff.

So you ask Google “where is the nearest pizza take-away shop”- now if your business has a Google My Business account, then if your pizza take-away shop is nearest, then your business may pop-up.

Yet if your business doesn’t have a Google My Business account, well you may just be reliant on advertising your business within the organic results, or sometimes some businesses may well be paying for PPC.

So if your business has not got a Google My Business account, well you could be potentially losing out on customers.

Google’s Algorithm

It’s really important that you partner with a Cardiff digital marketing agency that ensures that they keep their knowledge of Google’s algorithm up to date.

Google’s algorithm is always improving, whether that’s through an algorithmic update, such as Google Penguin updates, to weed out websites with low-quality backlinks, or its an update such as the Hummingbird update to produce even better results.

Some web design businesses here within Wales, and across the U.K may offer SEO, however, its important that you partner with an agency that truly keeps their SEO knowledge as up to date as possible.

As a marketing agency that implements outdated forms of SEO, such as using low-quality backlinks, well this is just going to result in a business incurring a penalty, and possibly being removed from search engines such as Google.

So always invest in quality SEO, that’s offered by a respected white hat SEO company.


Google’s RankBrain

Ever thought well, its all well and good investing in white hat SEO, and for the algorithm to notice this SEO work, but how does Google know if the work really helps our customers?

Well, most digital marketing agencies, including our marketing agency believes it’s Google RankBrain’s job to decipher how well your website answers the query.

So for example, let’s say your business sells furniture online, so it’s widely thought that its Google RankBrain that will spot whether your website answered the query or not.

So for example, what’s your websites bounce rate like? How long did a customer spend on your website?

If they were looking for let’s say a dining room table and chairs, well how many websites did they visit before they made a purchase?

Are more people making purchases from just one business, should that business be moved up the ranks?

So, most SEO companies believe that Google’s RankBrain now uses sophisticated AI technology, that’s to work out how well your business is answering that query.

So sure, a digital marketing company could be writing the best content marketing and gaining your business the best quality backlinks, but if your business has a super high bounce rate, well it may not rank that well.

So it all boils down to onsite SEO, offsite SEO and how well is your business answering that query?

If there’s one particular business that has really good SEO, and seems to be answering that query the best, because people are let’s say spending the longest on that company’s website, well, that website is likely to move up the ranks.

This is why so many businesses now don’t just work with an SEO agency separately from their web design business, instead web designers and SEO consultants have to work closely on improving a businesses website, so that the SEO is improved but to also make sure that the web sites design is offering the best possible customer service to the businesses customers.

How we can help

Top Space is based within Cardiff.

We serve businesses right throughout Cardiff, from businesses based near Cardiff Castle, right through to the bay.

We can offer your business:

Website Design

Organic and Local SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing

SEO Consultants

Affordable SEO

White Hat