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Can positive business reviews improve a business’s SEO?

Can positive business reviews improve a business’s SEO?


In a nutshell, yes is the answer, positive business reviews can help to improve a business’s SEO.

However, with that said, many businesses can get this area of SEO wrong, that’s to say the business may write fake reviews, which will damage the businesses SEO.

So, if you’re looking for advice on whether positive business reviews can improve your company’s SEO, then this is the article for you.

Google My Business

Does your business have a Google My Business account? Well, this means that your customers can leave a review about your business on there.

This is really useful, as let’s say your looking to buy a pizza, and your business appears in the local business list, which some Cardiff SEO companies call the “map listings”- then your business may appear with your businesses star rating.

Now, if your pizza business has say 140 positive business reviews, well obviously this is going to get people to choose your business.

But if the reviews are from real customers, well this might be the main reason why your business has appeared in the local business listings.

Now its worth remembering that when someone is looking for say a local pizza take-away business within Cardiff, that there are normally only 3 businesses that will appear within the Google My Business results, so this means that your business reviews are often a key differentiator as to whether your pizza business is shown or not.

Why it’s simply not worth writing fake reviews

Our SEO agency never recommends writing fake business reviews, its likely to get your Google My Business listing removed.

So, our SEO company always recommends not write fake business reviews.

Why you should ask customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business account

So, let’s you run a plumbing business, and your business is located here in Cardiff, and you specialise in installing new boilers.

And one of your customers states that you’ve done a good job installing their new boiler, and asks where should they write a customer review to?

Well, we would always recommend that your customers write a review on your Google My Business account.

The reason for this is, one it could help to improve your company’s local SEO, but also the positive review is likely to be read more.

Why do we say that the review is more likely to be read, well, when someone is looking for say “plumbers”- your business may appear in the local business results, and sometimes your business reviews can be read here easily?

How our SEO agency can help:

If you run a company within Cardiff, and your company needs help to improve its organic SEO, then why not call us?

Here’s what our SEO agency can offer:

·        Local SEO

·        Organic SEO

·        Link Building

·        Business citations

·        WordPress websites

If your business would like a quote, they why not call us? We work with businesses that are based within Cardiff. All SEO work will be white hat, which means that the SEO work will be of high-quality.