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How do you ensure that Top Space as a marketing agency offers high-quality content marketing?


How do you ensure that Top Space as a marketing agency offers high-quality content marketing?


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If you employ a digital marketing agency, well, your bound to have heard about content marketing before now?


If you employ what is called a white hat company, one that employs copywriters, who produce good quality work, then you may get sent by your copywriters say one or a few blog posts to approve per month?


Well, what’s for sure is this, Google’s algorithm and Google’s AI technology, that’s Google’s RankBrain rewards high-quality work, that’s written work that’s produced to a high-standard, so for example, lets say you run a business here in the great city of Cardiff in Wales, let’s say that you run a company that sells high-value, rare sports cars that get shipped right across the world, well, you may hire a local online marketing company, like Top Space to write quality blog posts, this can help to improve your businesses marketing.


So, what is content marketing, how can this help to improve my companies organic SEO?


Okay so let’s say you are looking for “SEO companies in the city of Cardiff” you get a few companies on the phone, you speak to the business owners, they say, for a fixed fee every month we will build backlinks, build what are called citations, we will improve the on-site seo, we will also write the content marketing, and our copywriters will write content marketing that’s over 1000 words.


And you might think, well why is this agency that’s in Cardiff, in South Wales spending so much of my marketing budget writing blog posts? Surely, to write a 1000 word article, well that’s going to take a lot of time?


And sure, yes it will take sometimes many hours, if it’s a really good piece of work, the marketing agency may even spend days writing the work, but why?


Well, here’s the answer in a nutshell, if you provide quality answers to your customers questions, then this is likely to improve your organic seo, we will explain how below:


-If the work is high-quality, you may obtain “do-follow” and “no-follow” backlinks

-Google’s algorithm will detect a lower “bounce rate”

-You may have more “link equity” to main pages, from do-follow backlinks

-Your onsite seo, such as meta titles, alt tags, meta descriptions, anchor text could be improved

-However, whichever online marketing agency within Cardiff, that you do hire, the work should be white hat.





There are now so many freelancers, marketing agencies and also web designers that offer SEO services, that’s the say as a business owner, you are quite literally spoiled for choice there are now so many businesses that you can choose from.


However, the quality of SEO that is offered by various companies can sometimes vary quite massively, where one business can offer top quality work, another can offer low quality work.


So, our top recommendation would be this, don’t pick an agency just on price you have to make sure that companies delivering top-quality work for your business. If they are not delivering top-quality work then this could mean that your business incurs a penalty.


Now this isn’t just constrained to just the content marketing, no the content marketing must be good quality but all the rest of the organic SEO must be high quality as well.


What is content marketing?


So, what is content marketing?


Well, let’s say that you are looking to repair a stone chip in the paintwork of your car, that’s the say the painters been checked and you now wish to restore the paint back to how it once was.


So you start to look for advice online as to how you can repair the paint check, you find a really helpful article, this article explains exactly what to do what products you need and how to fix the paint chip.


Now you fix the paint chip in practically no time at all and this article that you have read this help to, it’s told you exactly what products you need and how to do it, now this is a good example of content marketing.


We say that because it has helped a customer solve a problem but it has also described how that products can help the customer to fix their problem, which in this case was to fix the paint chip on their car, but they have read the article and then they have gone and bought that product from a shop because they need that to repair the paint chip, but you will also offer them advice as to how to fix the paint chip, so you are not just sold the product you are help the customer, because you will help them they have spent time on your website reading how to fix the paint chip which means that if the work is helpful it is likely to have a low bounce rate, and when you talk to any SEO companies they will tell you that it’s important that your business has a low bounce rate, therefore what you are looking for is to add good quality written work to your website and were to have a low bounce rate.


How can it be used to improve my businesses SEO?


This is the question that we get asked by many business owners, they say why are we adding so much written work to the website giving away free advice, why should we give away free advice?


So for example a plumbing business might give away free advice on how to bleed the radiator’s, now the plumber might say will why are we giving away that advice this is work that we normally do, but if the work is useful then this makes it more likely that your company might obtain high quality back links, your business might also incur a low bounce rate so by doing this work, you are helping to improve your plumbing businesses SEO.


Why must the work be high-quality?


The work must be high-quality, a mistake that so many businesses make is to think that they can quickly write a blog post let’s say 400 words and they think that by writing this work quickly it will improve the businesses SEO in matter of fact it is likely not to.


What is instead needed is top-quality work where a lot of time has been spent writing the work and researching the work so that you offer an article that your customers are likely to find very useful.


So for example let’s say that you manufacture power tools, you manufacture cordless drills, so you might start to write articles such as how to install wooden decking in your garden, you might think well we don’t supply decking, we also don’t build decking so why are we writing 1000 words about how to build decking, while quite simply put you can explain how your drill is high quality and how it is perfectly suited to this job because of all the settings on the drill and why the drill is such high quality, therefore you are helping your customers by explaining how to build decking but you are also advertising your drill.


Who decides if it is high quality?


This is a question that we are often asked, that is who decides if the written work on your company website is quality will not, quite simply put it is decided on by an algorithm.


Now we don’t want to over complicate matters, but what we would say is that it is an algorithm which decides where your business should be ranked but artificial intelligence is also used, that is why when you read an article about the algorithm you will often hear about AI or artificial intelligence being mentioned at the same time.


So who decides if the written work is high quality or not, will ultimately it is the algorithm but it is also AI and also your customers.


Now you might be wondering why did we say your customers a side, while quite simply put they do decide, because if your business has a very high bounce rate, for example your bounce rate is over 90% for example, then this means that you have a high-bounce rate, and the algorithm will notice this and this could potentially damage your businesses SEO as ultimately, what you want to have, is a low bounce rate.


Now don’t get us wrong it’s not just the bounce rate which is taken into account when working out if your written work is high quality not there are loads of various factors which are calculated by the algorithm, for example it will look at the entities which you are talking about whether the work is good quality back links whether the work has internal links whether the work has external links, whether the work as meta titles whether the work has meta descriptions whether the work has a high word count.


A strong indication of whether the work is high quality or not is whether there are a lot of incoming high quality back links.


So what do we mean by this, well let’s say that you run a business and you sell high value classic cars, and your business is based in a major capital city.


Now, your classic cars are bought by people from all around the world, that’s to say they could be exported to a different country, because they are high-value classic cars ,that a lot of people want to own.


Now, the only problem is you face a lot of competition in the U.K.


You face a massive amount of competition, there are a huge amount of other businesses which also sell high-value classic cars and you need your business to stand out.


So, you hire SEO agencies, to help improve your businesses SEO, now what they might do is help your business to build high quality backlinks, if your business obtains high-quality backlinks then this can help to improve your businesses SEO.




Why must the work be well researched?


Quite simply put, too many digital marketing companies write blog posts to say a set word limit, let’s say that the set word limit is say 400 odd words, so, what happens is you might have copywriters who work for that marketing agency and the copywriters write the blog posts for your business every single month. Let’s say you pay the agency to write say 8 blog posts per month.


However, sometimes the copywriters may not spend that much time researching what they are actually writing about, so at the end of writing say 400 words, the work might not be that interesting to read, it might not be that useful for your customers to read, therefore the agency might just writing 400 words just a tick box that that work is done.


However, what is likely to happen is this low-quality type of SEO work is likely to damage your businesses SEO moving forwards, so what you need instead is high-quality work that is been researched and it is also well written.


So, there’s no point for example hiring a company to write say eight written articles every single month, that’s if they are all just written quickly, and do offer much useful information.


However, on the other hand, you might have an SEO agency which only writes one or perhaps two articles every single month, but they are all well researched, which means that a lot of time has been spent researching what they are writing about, so that it includes really useful and helpful advice for your customers to read.


So, for example, let’s say that you sell classic cars, you might add a blog post which says a bit about the history about a certain brand of car, now this is likely to be interesting to somebody who is interested in classic cars, so this work might be high-quality it might attract good quality backlinks and it might have a low-bounce rate.


So, the point that we are trying to make here is, the work should be high-quality and it should be well researched, and this will help to improve your SEO, therefore don’t opt for quantity over quality, it’s always much better to get a quality piece of work added to your website, such as a blog post, for example that your customers will want to read, rather than adding a lot of written work.


So, many businesses fall into the trap, of trying to add a lot of written work, thinking that this will improve their SEO, however if it is not good quality, then it will not help improve your businesses SEO.


Why must it’s have a high word count?


We would highly recommend that when you set about writing a blog post for your business that the blog post has a high word count, but the high word count should be written text which is also high quality.


So for example let’s say that you sell electric bikes, now there’s no point in adding a 8000 word article to your website that is boring to read and doesn’t offer much useful advice about electric bikes.


However, if you add an article, which is really interesting, and reviews some of the U.K’s best selling electric bikes, and this work is read by many thousands of people, then people who are interested in electric bikes, they might have their own blogs, which talks about electric bikes, and they might link to your website, if the link is high quality then this might help your business SEO.


Why must it be written by an expert?


What happens far too often is that a business will hire a SEO company and they will write the blog posts for the business, but when you read the blog posts it is clear that the marketing company does not understand the services or the products that the business offers.


Now it might be something as simple as a business which offers scaffolding services, but it might be clear when you start read the blogs that the person writing the blog posts haven’t a clue about scaffolding or how scaffolding is used, so we would always say that it’s far better to go with a company that will take the time to understand your business, but not just understand your business also understand your business sector, so they begin to understand how scaffolding is used and the type of contracts that scaffolding is do for example there is a vast difference between having a website which is geared towards domestic scaffolding than it would be to have a website which is for power block scaffolding in a city centre location so the marketing company must understand your business and understand the services that your business offers and then make sure that with the blog posts that they are attracting the right business for your company, for example you might predominantly concentrate on commercial scaffolding of tower blocks therefore the written work should be mainly about how block scaffolding.


Can you enhance the work with on-site SEO?


Now the marketing company once they have written a blog posts should also make sure that they are adding the on-site SEO for example they should make sure that they are adding the on-site SCO such as meta titles, meta descriptions, anchor text, internal links.


What are “meta titles”?


So, what are meta titles?


Well, quite simply put  a Meta title is just one title which describes what that page all that blog post is about.


So, let’s give you an example let’s say that you manufacture turbos for a certain brand of car, you may therefore writers the meta title turbo and the make of the car then in the meta description you might give a little bit more information such as what model that turbo is for.


So turbo, they can quickly scan down results quickly read the meta title and the meta description, and they can see that the turbo that you are advertising is for that model car and that it is for this brand of vehicle, therefore it saves the shop are having to click on the meta title and the whole page, so it is the SEO companies job to make sure that they write the meta title and the meta description so that a accurately describes the page but also it gets the information to the shopper so that they can make a decision whether they want to click on your business and have a look at the products or the services that you sell.


What are meta descriptions?


Now what is a meta description, what quite simply put the meta description just describes what the page is about so previous example we talk about turbos for cars bad let’s say for example you run a hairdressing business and you have a page which is been designed to advertise your hair highlighted services, you may therefore wish to write the meta description that you offer hairdressing services and you offer hair highlights in Wales salon is located, so when somebody is looking for a hairdressers agency where your hairdressing salon is located and that you offer hair highlights, therefore sometimes the web designers add meta title meta description but sometimes it is added by SEO agencies.



Why it’s important not to use duplicated content marketing


It’s really important not to use duplicated content marketing, that’s because it could potentially damage your companies SEO, a lot of businesses copy and paste product descriptions for example this should be done as it could damage your businesses organic SEO.


As the work get indexed the algorithm will notice that the work is duplicated this could damage your SEO, instead work must be high quality in must be well written and it must be white hat.


You must use white hat methods, that whether you do the SCO work itself or you hire an agency or you hire a freelancer or you hire a web designer the work must be white hat, the work must always be white hat, as if it is not white hat then your business could possibly incur a penalty this is why work should instead be high quality white hat SEO.


You must make sure that you obtain “white hat SEO”.


Why the evergreen content marketing must be high quality


Why the blog posts must be high quality


The blog posts that you write your company website must be white hat and high quality, we would recommend using a high word count but to make the text useful to your customers.


Something about the sort of questions that your customers ask you, then write the text around it’s not offer useful advice, if the advice is useful and this means that the work might have a low bounce rate and if it is really good quality then you might obtain high quality back links, high quality back links can really help to improve your companies SEO.


So it doesn’t matter if you make wedding cakes, if you are a solicitor or you are a window cleaning the blog posts must be high quality and well written.


There’s no point in hiring an agency just because they are cheap because if the work is low quality, that’s the say the written work is written in a rush and it is not well written then this could mean that it damages your businesses organic SEO.