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How does Google know if my businesses content marketing is quality or not?

How does Google know if my businesses content marketing is quality or not?


It’s a question which digital marketing agencies like ours is often asked, that is why is often a large proportion of the marketing budget spent on content marketing?

Plus, this question is normally followed up with, “who judges if the content marketing is good quality or not?

In this article we will discuss how Google’s algorithm decides if the content marketing is quality or not.

We will also look at why reducing bounce rates is important, and why a lot of time and also effort should be spent on generating high-quality content marketing.

Often a lot of businesses struggle to understand at the start of the SEO process is, why they are spending so much time giving away free advice via writing long content marketing articles? For example some articles might be excess of 3,000 words.

This can confuse a lot of businesses, especially for example if they normally charge per hour their advice, such as you would expect in the solicitor’s practice.

So this article will explain why content marketing needs to be high-quality, who judges whether it is quality or not, and why you should aim to provide top quality content marketing.

So how does Google’s algorithm work out if the content marketing is quality or not?

Here’s the thing, so many marketing agencies in the past, used to write content marketing rather quickly, believing falsely that the name of the game was quantity. Yet, if you were to take the strategy that quantity is more important than quality, then you would now be mistaken.

It’s now no longer about “quantity”, as if your business focuses on quantity too much, rather than on quality, the business is likely to incur a penalty. For example, so many businesses have incurred Google Penguin penalties, because lets say the content marketing is content thin, or they have made the massive mistake of using “spun articles”- which is a major no, no!

Google’s algorithm

It is Google’s algorithm which decides where a business should be ranked on Google, and this is done through computing how strong your businesses “ranking factors” are. Now its important to remember this, that content marketing is only one part of the SEO process, and to remember, that a lot of agencies, like ours, believe that there are over 200 seo ranking factors,

This often means that a lot of work needs to take place by your chosen marketing agency often to get a business anywhere near the first page, that’s to say SEO may need to be delivered every single month in order to improve your organic SEO. And a word to the wise, only invest your companies marketing budget into top-quality seo, as anything less could damage your businesses seo.

A huge part of this process is writing good quality content marketing, the algorithm will then work out whether this work is quality or not.

It does this to a mixture of “AI”, that’s artificial intelligence, monitoring whether that page or post is answering the query or not.

This is achieved through monitoring “bounce rates”, how long a shopper spends on your website, and also the algorithm will look at the quality of the incoming backlinks, that’s the backlinks that lead to the website, now these are just some of the important ranking factors! There are many others.

Make sure that the work can get indexed

First things first, make sure that the page can get indexed by “Googlebot”, if it can’t get indexed, for example there is a “no-index tab” switched on, then this means that the page can’t be displayed in Google.

Aim to offer the best possible answer that you can

The name of the game is to offer the best possible advice that you can.

Yet, let us explain to you how difficult that is today, let’s say you are setting up a new brand, and you are selling luxury coffee online.

Obviously your not going to just face one or two other competitors, it’s likely that you will face thousands of competitors.

Now, how does Google algorithm differentiate your business from all the others?

Which one will rank number one on Google?

Which businesses will rank of page 10 of Google? How does Google decide?  How does the algorithm work out where to rank a company?  

Well it does this on the basis of the quality of your on-site and also off-site SEO.

The huge part of this is “quality content marketing”, so if your answering queries your customers often ask you, and you are keeping shoppers on your website for a long time, you have a lot of really good quality backlinks, the on-site SEO is also done to a good standard, then you can start to improve your seo.

However, with that said so many businesses get this process wrong, the cut corners and they don’t follow the rules this result in penalty!

Always follow white hat standards always.

Why “keyword research” is so important

You should carry out “keyword research” in order to help your SEO efforts, this to make sure that you understand all the different keywords that people use to describe your business. For example, a solicitors practice, might be called “lawyers” or “solicitors”.

Write an accurate meta title and meta description

Don’t let an automated program write the “meta titles” and “meta descriptions”, instead we here at this agency write these ourselves, so that they accurately describe what that page or the post is about.

Give the reader some breathing space by using titles

Don’t add a massive block of text, split the text up by using titles, this is so a reader can go to the part of text that they want to find an answer to.


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