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How long does it take to get a business onto first page of Google?


How long does it take to get a business onto first page of Google?


So, you’ve invested in having a brand-new website designed, and you’re absolutely over the moon with the final design.

You are now ready to progress to the stage of optimising the website, so you’ve been a busy-bee calling all the various seo companies within Cardiff.

For this work, you’ve decided to appoint an SEO agency, but before you choose which agency you would like to hire, you’ve simply asked the various different companies for an estimate of how long it would take them to get your company onto the first page of Google.

You know the keywords you want to rank for on Google, so you have now asked, the Cardiff SEO companies to give you an estimate as to how long it will take to get your company onto page 1 of Google.

Yet to your surprise, you quickly find that the three agencies that you contact, all state different timescales, and seem quite reluctant to put an accurate date on when they can get your company onto page 1 of Google.

Now as a business doesn’t want to encounter ambiguity, instead you want to know exactly when your business is likely to reach the first page.

So, you’re wondering why the various agencies you’ve contacted are being so vague.

However, as this article will explain there is often a justifiable reason for why they cannot give an accurate timescale. In short, Google’s algorithm will rank websites depending on the strength of the SEO, now, if you’re just starting to pay for seo, yet your main competitors, well they’ve been forking out for years, you can see, there’s often a huge mountain that needs to be climbed before a company can even think about getting on the first page.

We therefore put our minds together at our agency, and thought we would write quite a thorough article, which explains all the different factors way which influence how long it will take the business to get onto the first page

It depends on so many different ranking factors

First things first, all the different businesses that are ranked currently on page 1 of Google, have been ranked their depending on how strong the companies are ranking factors are. Ranking factors are backlinks, but there are many others as well.

Now have a guess, how many ranking factors you believe there are? Do you believe there are just one, two or perhaps three?

Nope, in matter-of-fact there’s a huge amount of different ranking factors which Google’s algorithm uses in order to calculate how strong a companies seo is. There are thought to be over 200.

So, as you can see because websites are ranked depending on over 200 different ranking factors it’s very hard to give an estimate of how long it will take a brand-new website to rank on the first page.

That’s simply because even though one company might be getting out of the starting blocks, by that we mean just starting to pay us, there will be competitors who might have been working with Cardiff seo companies for a very long period of time, often many, ,many, many years, so there’s often huge amount of ground to cover, before we or any other marketing agency can catch-up.

You do have to be super patient

One thing is for sure and that is this, if you are in a mad rush to get your business onto the first page of Google’s SERP’s, we would say that organic SEO is most definitely not you! It’s a slow process, so if you want results overnight, we would say don’t invest in SEO, think about another form of marketing.

And why would we say this, as we are marketing agency ourselves?

Well the simple answer to that is this, SEO a very slow process, it can feel as though some months that things are moving forward at a snail’s pace, and that sometimes because your competition is so strong, they will take a lot of work to beat.

Now obviously this is not something that business owners are going to want to hear, you don’t want to hear that it’s going to take a long time to get onto page one of Google, and that often it can take a large amount of investment to get there, and the process can’t be rushed- but we would rather be honest with you.

So the more honest digital marketing agencies will level with you, we will say that there is a huge uphill struggle often to catch up with the competition, and that  if the competition are strong then its likely to be a long road before you do see results.

So if an agency meets with you, and says this, it is sometimes not to deter you, or to say that you shouldn’t invest, they might just be being realistic with you.

Why does it often take so long for businesses to get onto page 1 of Google?

It takes so long simply because sometimes the competition are just super strong, they may have invested for a huge amount of time, and also large amounts into their organic SEO, so to knock them off the top spot, well, often it’s not going to be an easy thing to do.

Plus, some businesses can afford really good SEO agencies, like Top Space, that doesn’t just have one person, but people to help build links, to write quality content marketing, plus also to make sure the technical seo is done right.

The work must always be super high- quality, so never cut corners!

You will always have those businesses that have financial pressures on their head, the need to be up and running as soon as possible, they want to be on the first page of Google as of yesterday, but if you cut corners to get there, in terms of how you implement your organic seo, well you more than likely to be impacted by a penalty.

So don’t cut corners, invest in quality

Google’s algorithm

The algorithm which Google uses is very clever, any agency or company that thinks it can cheat Google’s algorithm is being naïve, and if you do implement rubbish seo, well your more than likely to be impacted by a massive penalty.

Why you need a quality agency

No matter if you sell aluminium ladders online, holidays, or high-performance cars, you are more than likely going to need an SEO agency in Cardiff to help, that’s exactly where Top Space can help.

We have copywriters, SEO managers, link builders, and much more, so if you’re on Google, and you’re looking for a “SEO company” or a digital marketing agency right here in the green, green grass of Wales, well why not call us?