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How can our business here in Cardiff improve our local SEO?


How can our business here in Cardiff improve our local SEO?



If you want to gain more customers locally, then you should consider paying a respected seo company like us to help improve your SEO. Our team can help optimise your website to rank higher in the local search results.

It’s no secret that Google is the dominant force in search, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimised for Local SEO, and that  your company can be found online easily by your customers.  

In this quick seo guide, we’ll cover the basics about Local SEO.




So let’s get started!



So, what is Local SEO?



Well, local SEO is simply the process of improving your businesses onsite and offsite seo to improve where your company ranks in search results.   



It’s important to note that Local SEO is different from organic SEO, which is focused on optimising for general search terms without regard for location.

Local SEO is all about making sure your site appears in relevant local searches, so it’s an essential part of any good marketing strategy.

Local seo tends to be easier than organic, for the simple reason there’s less competition.

So, for example, let’s say you run a family law practice, well, its normally easier to rank high in the local results say here in Cardiff, as there might be say 100 competitors in this city, when compared to literally thousands of companies nationally.

So a general rule of thumb is local seo is much easier than national.


Why Is Local SEO Important?



There are two primary reasons why Local SEO is so important to so many companies in Cardiff. First, is businesses which are not on the first page, might be losing out on a lot of customers, that’s whether you’re a hairdresser or a builder, or lets say accountant. This is because people who search for businesses locally are usually already interested in buying what you’re selling.



Second, Local SEO is important because it allows you to compete with larger businesses. For example, if your on the first page, and you have a good website, you can literally take customers off large companies. That’s Even if you’re a small business with a limited budget, so this type of marketing can help you punch above your weight and get noticed by potential customers in your area.



How Does Local SEO Work?



Well, local SEO works by optimising your website, using onsite and offsite seo, which can help your company to rank higher.

So, often this is a lot of work, and includes things like making sure you have set up a Google My Business listing, and have many citations from high-quality directories.  As well, your Cardiff seo consultant should start to build quality backlinks as well.



Here’s some tips to help improve your Local SEO



There are a number of different things you can do to improve your Local SEO. Here are a few tips to get you started:



1. Make sure your company has a Google My Business account.


2. Build citations from high-quality directories.


3. Optimise your company website for specific keywords  but do this in a white hat way.


4. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive.


5.  get reviews on popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.



These are just a few of the many things you can do to optimise your Local SEO.




So, local SEO is an essential part of any good online marketing strategy, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimise your site for Local search results.

By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to getting better local search results for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!