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Which seo tools do you recommend?


Which seo tools do you recommend?


As a well-known seo agency, we regularly get asked by clients, which seo tools do we recommend. Although we do sometimes completely manage some businesses digital marketing, quite often the business will have an inhouse marketing team, which will use their own tools, to keep track of how well our seo is doing. So, we thought we would write an article, explaining the tools our company uses.

Why do businesses need seo tools?

For some seo tools, there might be sometimes a monthly fee to use that particular tool, so businesses here in Cardiff, might be thinking well, why should I subscribe?

The simple answer is, for some companies that we work for, the main way they get new customers, is via our marketing efforts.

Its therefore crucial to the businesses success that we work for, that as an seo agency we monitor marketing performance. So, we need seo tools, to see if bounce rates are reducing, and organic visitor numbers are going up and also how long the average shopper is spending on the website for example.

Our customers sometimes have inhouse their own marketing staff as well, some companies have for example copywriters.

Therefore some companies have there own seo tools, so they can monitor how well there seo is improving, such as how well the organic seo is improving.

Which seo tools does your business use?

There are many different SEO tools available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to use for your business. And what we would say is this, it does depend on what you want to keep track of.

Yet, for the tools we are going to recommend below, we would say all businesses would benefit from using them.

So, there are some key seo tools that all businesses should be using in order to improve their ranking in search engines.

And we are now going to run through which ones we recommend.

Google Analytics

So, Google Analytics is completely free, and it’s supplied by Google, so all the data, such as bounce rates, organic visitors’ numbers, how long the average shopper spends on your site, is all included.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, or you have 1 million staff worldwide,  Google Analytics is super useful.

So, in short, here’s what seo agencies like ours, often use Google Analytics for:

–        To see how many organic visitors your website is getting

–        Compare one month with another, to see if your seo is improving

–        To monitor bounce rate, and make improvements to see if you can lower this

–        To look at how long a shopper is spending on  the website


–        To see how many visitors are coming via paid ads, using ppc


–        To see how many visitors are coming via social media





Because Google Analytics is free service, so its most definitely worth having, even if you only check say how many organic visitors your business is getting say once a month.




 So here’s what seo companies like ours often use Google Analytics for:


– Real-Time: Shows how many shoppers are on your website right now. So, for example, let’s say you have a really large sale on at the moment, and your selling running trainers, you may want to see throughout the day, whether you have the amount of visitors you had hoped for.


– Acquisition: on Google Analytics it shows where shoppers came from, so for example, are they via organic seo?


– Behaviour

Explores what shoppers do once they are on the site, such as which pages do they visit and how long they spend on each page?  Google Analytics also has a section called Conversions, which allows users to set up goals and track how well the business is meeting those goals.


1. Google Search Console



We would recommend setting up a Google Search Console account for your business, this is simple to do and its a free tool provided which can help you monitor your website’s performance in the search results, so for example, if you are a construction company, where do you rank currently for “builders Cardiff”?


2. Moz Pro



Moz Pro is a really good SEO tool that offers a range of different features to help you improve your website’s ranking. It includes a keyword research tool, site auditing, and competitor analysis.


3. SEMrush

SEMrush is another excellent SEO tool that provides a comprehensive range of features for improving your website’s ranking. It includes tools for keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, and more.


4. Hootsuite Insights



Hootsuite Insights is a social media management platform, we would recommend this, as it can help you to save time.

It also offers some valuable insights into your website’s SEO performance. It includes a keyword research tool as well as social media monitoring.



5. Yoast SEO Plugin


Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress websites that helps you optimise your companies website for the search engines. So for example, you can easily add meta titles and descriptions to each page, this only takes a minute, and if written in a white hat way, could help improve your businesses ctr.


These are just a few of th SEO tools that our Cardiff seo company is using in order to improve where our clients rank in search engines.

If you’re not already using these tools, be sure to start implementing them into your SEO strategy today.