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How can SEO help my start-up or small business?

How can SEO help my start-up or small business?


You might be about to start a small business all you might have been running one for quite a while, it’s just now you thinking how can we improve our marketing.

As a business owner, you probably bombarded with messages through your inbox regarding companies offering search engine optimisation. You might be so fed up with spam messages, you might have turned away from paying for SEO services. However, your business could most definitely be missing out, obviously not on using the businesses that are spamming your inbox, but on finding a quality see that offers white hat work at a fair price.

Because the truth of the matter is, there are many SEO agencies out there really cut the mustard, the difficult part is finding the one that offers white hat work and the you want to work with a weekly basis.


Make sure that you want to work with our agency

now this might sound pretty self explanatory, but you must find an agency the you want to work with.

We say that because it’s not like hiring electrician, if you don’t really like the personality doesn’t matter, because they are there say to wiring new lighting and then once they are finished then you might not have to see them ever again.

However, when you partner with an SEO agency, often you have to be in contact with them on a weekly basis, you might need regular capture via Skype or in person and SU is a long-term process, so you really have to be happy to work with say a particular SEO consultant on agency.

You have to enjoy working with the seo company, because it can be very long process, and also it’s worth mentioning that SEO really doesn’t come to a stop. And if it does come to a stop will then you competitors will quickly clamber over where your business ranks, meaning they will move up the positions, and as the seo is at a standstill, eventually your business will start moving down. So it’s not about a one-off process of working on improving the SEO on a one off basis, as its instead a very long process, that’s on going, and therefore you need to have a good working relationship with the agency or seo consultant, so our best advice is, find a company you want to work with over the long run.

And as a business owner you will have many different ways in which you can advertise your business, pay per click, through to social media advertising right through to search engine optimisation.

And often businesses want to spend money on all of these, often they are restrained in terms of their marketing budget.

Now we might be rather biased, but we think that when SEO is done right it can be really effective way of promoting a business. Yet we would say that right?

And that’s true we are an SEO agency so bound to say that search engine optimisation is a really effective way of advertising the business. But in this article, we are going to back up what we say, and we’re going to explain why you need to find an agency that offers you white hat work.

Whether you are about to start a business that’s offers to convert people’s lofts, you want to sell logs online or you are a solicitor, what unites most small businesses is that they need SEO to gain more customers.

What is really important to understand is SEO’s is not a one-off process, that’s the say you can’t do work shooter business to the top, and then that’s it, the work is done. It doesn’t work like that, then needs to be regular work often on a weekly basis to improve the businesses organic SEO.

While happen is if the business doesn’t improve its SEO every month then it can start dropping back down, sometimes this can happen fairly quickly if you are in a competitive industry.

The reason for that is yours have other businesses which want to climb to the top, on their ascent to the top, they can be overtake in other businesses and there’s they do that those businesses need to move down, so now you can begin to appreciate that this is why a the results are constantly reshuffling.

Now of course as a business owner you have staff to manage, you’ve got your customers that need your assistance and you have to manage the businesses suppliers to make sure that you have enough stock to sell.

So, most business owners are extremely busy, and that’s why the often outsource their SEO to an SEO agency like us to do the work every single month for them.

So are now going to explain how search engine optimisation can help small businesses when the SEO is done right and how we can help your business if you wish to hire us as your SEO company.


Design a user-friendly website as good as your product

Sometimes a customer will come to us, they want SEO but their website is poorly designed and it might need to be redesigned before we even start to improve the businesses organic SEO.

So quite poorly designed sometimes the company might’ve just spent say £1000 website and it might be rather basic.

It might not even have pages that describe all of the services that the company can offer.

For the website might just be sometimes just one page, in might have a really poorly designed main menu, it might not work on a smartphone and also the content marketing such as the text might poorly written.

Sometimes therefore we need to redesign the whole website so that is better designed and then once we finish designing it, we can start to improve the businesses search engine optimisation.

Sometimes the web designers start to add new service pages, copywriters might write some more text, and the web designers might start to design a better homepage for example.

So, the point that we are trying to make is sometimes a company will come to us for SEO that sometimes we need to completely redesign the whole website before the SEO process can start.

This is often the case when a company has had a really cheap and basic website built because sometimes it can be so basic that it be hard for us to improve the SEO of that website


Don’t pay for dodgy backlinks

So, one of our top tips would be done never pay for dodgy backlinks, actually don’t pay for any backlinks at all.

If you pay for backlinks then this could damage your SEO and could end up with a penalty.

It’s a mistake that a lot of start-up businesses make, they think that they can improve their SEO very quickly but for those that know a thing or two about organic SEO. They will tell you that it’s a very slow process can’t be rushed.


Create quality digital content around real search terms

You might have had a look at a competitor’s website, let’s say you’re a family lawyer and you look at another solicitor practices website, you might be scratching your head thinking well why are they spending so much time writing blog posts that are over 1000 words long.

Plus, you notice that the blog posts are written by solicitors, the work for that company, so why would that business be spending so much of their solicitor’s time writing the blog posts?

The reason is they want to improve their search engine optimisation, want to obtain more business.

And therefore, an SEO agency like ours might have advised them to publish blog posts say once a week.

And this goes for any business, if you want to improve your organic SEO, you need to publish high-quality content marketing.

Now it’s not all about writing blog posts just to hit a word count, no the work must be useful, when we say it must be useful what we mean is that there must be useful to your customers.

So, whether you sell Wellington boots, or you sell aluminium ladders all let’s say you are a mortgage adviser you should offer helpful advice to your customers. For example, your business is likely to be asked the same questions on a regular basis, so if you can answer those frequently asked questions well, what is can happen is people are going to visit your website really information and spend a long time reading it and then also clicking on other articles on reading those.

So, by a shopper spending a long time on your website this is a very clear indication that your website offers useful information.


Get more customers online

So as you might’ve gathered the whole point of SEO, that’s search engine optimisation tool about getting more customers online. Whether you sell tennis to go camping, is selling electronic bikes you selling surfboards, the principles of SEO are still the same that is you need to invest your time into white hat SEO.

And as we already mentioned earlier on in this article, with SEO is not a one-off process, it’s not like completing a load of work and then that’s it the SEO process is over, because it’s not it’s an ongoing process.


The reason it’s an ongoing process is not because where an SEO agency that wants a monthly retainer just for the sake of it, it’s because you will always have competitors that want to move up the ranks and they want to overtake the businesses which are currently on the first page.


Therefore, your business is in constant competition with these other businesses, so in a way the first page results represent exactly what is happening in the business landscape, that is you are competing with all these other businesses. But online what happens is as soon as their SEO gets stronger then they move up the ranks and you businesses move down now this doesn’t happen in every minute of the day, but reshuffles readily occur.

So, what we mean by that is the company might be implementing SEO for say three months name might not notice much of a difference, but then a major algorithm update occurs and then they certainly moved to the first page. So sometimes a business can gradually move up the ranks and sometimes they can even forward by quite a lot when sometimes these large algorithm updates are that.

The important thing is that you invest in white hat SEO.