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Core web vitals, how this Google update changed SEO in 2022

Core web vitals, how this Google update changed SEO in 2022


Core Web vital updates 2022


It’s been all bar one year since Google first introduced what is called the “page expedience signals”, you may have read about this on other digital marketing company websites. These metrics are based on what are known as “core web vitals”, which may have been mentioned in an seo report you have read?

When are going to take a look at what has happened to seo since the Core Web vital seo update


Core Web Vitals and seo

What are Google core web vitals?

Google first introduced core web vitals to help website owners, and web design companies to manage their websites to help improve what is called the “UX”, also referred to as “user experience”.

A lot of seo agencies believe that these are now a very important signal, of course does traditional ranking signals such as content marketing, backlinks and citations still matter, but it’s now also about creating a positive user experience-you might be wondering what that mean?

So, for those of you that are in a bit of a rush let’s put it into bullet points

·        Your website must be fast

·        You should aim to reduce your businesses “bounce rate” as much as possible



The current set of core web vitals includes


    Largest Contentful Paint – This simply mean how fast a web page loads

This sounds complicated but it returns to our previous example that we mentioned above simply put, your company website must be fast

    First Input Delay – how quickly a page becomes interactive

Again when you talk to your web design agency they will talk about making your website fast, you might want to switch to a fast hosting company

    Cumulative Layout Shift – how long before a page becomes stable

Let’s say you are booking a hotel for the evening, yet when you go on the website and actually make the reservation, the page loads then disappeared comes back again the different elements are loaded onto the page.

Therefore, the cumulative layout shift is all about working out how long it takes before the page becomes stable


How does this change seo?

Core web vitals SEO


Many experts believe that in 2022 and beyond use experienced signal such as how fast your website loads will become more and more important.

For example, traditionally SEO agencies thought about backlinks and content marketing building business citations, but now is also about offering a good customer experience.

Therefore, all about helping the customer to buy products or services that they want easily, this to happen you need to web design, that needs to be supported by ultra-fast hosting.

Is therefore not good enough just to purchase a website and start doing the basic SEO any more, often you need a digital marketing agency which has web developers in-house that can also help to improve the user experience signals.

For example, a lot of time might be spent on split testing, redesigning the homepage to see if you can improve it.

For example, you might redesign totally the main menu, to find that it helps improve your sales, this will improve your user experience signals because you happen the customer find products or services that they want easily.


A lot of digital marketing agencies, think that Google is just starting to use user experience signals, and that we are only just getting started with these being a form of ranking factor in terms of working out where your website ranks on Google. It is widely thought that Google will start to introduce other use experienced metrics in order to improve the customer experience. At, for example some people have cited that bounce rate. To be considered more closely.

If your website therefore has an ultra-high bounce rate then this is something you might want to work on reducing

Some people think that Google core web vitals which is the ranking factor for mobile search results, however from February 2022 it is thought that it will start to be used to determine desktop rankings as well

Make sure that you pick an SEO agency which understands how to improve your website to user experience, this means UX for short.

Here at this digital marketing agency, we believe that in the future user experience signals are only can get important.

And this stands to reason, the only indicator of whether the shopper has found what they want on your website.

Let’s have a look at some of the ranking signals which rethink are going to grow in terms of their importance in the future.


Time on-site

This is a bit like browsing around products in a department store, if you like spending time in that department store you can spend longer looking at the products and possibly buying them.

This is the same for your website, if shoppers are spending longer on your website, then this is it indicator that you are selling the items that they want and that you are offering the information about the products so that they can read it and spend longer on your website.

If they are spending mere seconds browsing the different products that you offer, and they believe to go a competitor’s website then this is are very clear signal your website is not offering what they want which could adversely affect your SEO if this is amplified across thousands of different shoppers doing the same thing.


Bounce rate

This again ties into our previous point about time on-site, somebody is visiting only one page, and then leaving straightaway then this is an indicator that is you will not offering what they are looking for at a price that they are interested so good digital marketing agency look to reduce that bounce rate as far as can.