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How AI artificial intelligence is changing Google Search

How AI artificial intelligence is changing Google Search

Artificial intelligence and SEO


A lot of digital marketing agencies are mentioning how Google’s algorithm is changing, that’s because it’s increasingly using “artificial intelligence” (AI) as well as “machine learning”. This can be used for basic things, like working out if you are a spam bot or not, that’s when you are about to send a message to a business for example.

For example, you probably had the question whether you can click the boats which appear in the picture, not only are you then showing that you’re not a spam bot to Google, you’re also improving the AI capability at Google.- because its learning what a boat looks like.

So, AI is now thought to be a major ranking signal (some think Google’s third most important ranking signal), and its not just temporarily being used to decipher to improve the serps, this is now an integral part of the algorithm, an important one at that that, and a lot of digital marketing agencies, think one that will increase with importance in time.

So, without further ado, we do know that Google hats been implementing some major changes to  its algorithm, some of these have been given name, such as Google’s RankBrain, so let’s have a look at what these changes mean to seo agencies.


Google’s RankBrain

This update was first launched back in 2015 by Google, it’s been described by seo consultants as a “deep learning system.”

It is still in use today by Google, and is it is thought to use knowledge of entities, and if you’re wondering well what is an entity, it can be anything from the celebrity, to a place, or lets say a brand, and then Google’s algorithm uses this understanding of “entities” to produce more accurate answers.

RankBrain and long tail keywords

Most seo agencies would agree, that the main purpose of RankBrain is to better understand long tail keywords then to deliver more accurate answers.

So what does this mean?

What are long tail keywords?

Well until fairly recently when you are asking Google question, you may have asked the question rather like you are speaking to a robot.

Something along the line of, typing or saying “pizza takeaway Cardiff”, so that’s the way you would speak to a robot, but you wouldn’t necessarily speak to human being in the same way.

If you were to speak to a human, you likely to have added a bit more detail such as, “where’s the best woodfired pizza takeaway shops within Cardiff”.

That’s exactly what a long tail keyword are, it’s a question that’s just a bit longer, a bit more complex and requires the search engine to consider many things, before it offers an answer, such as:

–        Where are “the best” pizza take aways shops, so Google My Business reviews are like to be taken into consideration

–        Which shops sells “woodfired” pizzas

–        And which shops are in Cardiff, but near to the person that’s asking the question, as presumably they don’t want to travel to other end of Cardiff  

You might say that the question has, a few more moving parts, it’s a bit more complicated, and this is where the artificial intelligences used to better understand the question, and the entities on this question woodfired pizza takeaway shops, and other entities Cardiff.

Google may also use whats called “Hummingbird” to better understand what it is the shopper is trying to find.


Therefore artificial intelligence needed to better understand the question, understand the intent, and the intent in this question is to find woodfired pizza restaurants in Cardiff .


You may have heard your seo agency refer to “Bert” and it stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”, and the update first launched way back in 2018.



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