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How does SEO (search engine optimisation) work? What is SEO?

How does SEO (search engine optimisation) work? What is SEO?


So, you received an e-mail from your web designers, to tell you that the website they have been busy building for the last six months is now finished.

You take a look at the website, and you are very happy with the finished design, you think it looks brilliant. However, there is a problem, many months roll by, and you don’t receive a single enquiry. You start to think should I have forked out all that money on having an expensive website designed for my business?

This has you scratching your head, thinking I just spent £10,000 on this new website, why on earth isn’t it generating me any sales?

Well, the simple answer is, often it’s not enough today just to have a website designed in order to generate more sales, instead you also need to also invest in search engine optimisation.

Thankfully there are thousands of SEO agencies, here in the United Kingdom, however you really do need one that is worth their weight in gold.

What we mean by that is there are a lot of agencies which offer low quality SEO work, avoid these hire a really good SEO agency like top space.



Why is SEO super important for your brand?

It doesn’t matter that you sell aluminium ladders online, expensive hair straighteners or car parts, you’re obviously going to want to sell more products, and often to do this a lot of businesses to invest in quality search engine optimisation to help your business stand out

So, before you go in higher a local SEO agency it’s a good idea to know some of the terms that they often use, when they are describing how they are going to improve the SEO on your company website.

Domain Authority

You don’t hear this term used that much anymore, because it refers back to the days of page rank, however some SCO tools still use domain authority to explain how strong a business’s SEO is

Competitor Research

Your SEO agency should undertake what is called competitor research, they should look at your competitors backlinks, content marketing and also business citations, to see how strong your competitors SEO is, so the agency can then work out how much work is needed to do in order to get your businesses SEO to rank on the first page.

Often SEO agencies such as ours often undertake this work right at the start, it’s often called an SEO audit, so that we can work out how much to quote our clients for our SEO services.

Content Marketing

Regardless of which industry your businesses in, whether you run a hairdressing salon, or you are an accountant or perhaps you are a builder?

To improve your search engine optimisation, you will need high quality content marketing.

Duplicate Website Content

Whichever online marketing agency you do end up hiring, they should make sure by using different SEO tools, that your website hasn’t got any duplicated content marketing, if it has then this should be replaced straightaway, as it could damage your businesses search engine optimisation.


 Link Building

Your digital marketing agency is likely to spend a huge amount of time link building, your business is therefore going to need a lot of quality do follow and no follow backlinks.


What is Digital PR?

Your online marketing agency should capitalise on when your company wins any business awards.

For example, a local newspaper might write a story about your business winning a business award, you could then ask the newspaper for a backlink.



On-site content and blogging

Blogging can take up a lot of time, for example writing a 1000 words blog post can take up a huge amount of time sometimes.

Therefore you might wish to hire an SCO agency to do this work


Page Performance and Page Speed

If somebody wants to buy a product from your website, let’s say a new blender for the kitchen, and they’re doing this on the way home from work, using say on their android smartphone, well if your website simply takes too long to load on a smart phone, then that shopper is likely to buy from a competitor’s website instead

Therefore whichever digital marketing agency you hire in Cardiff, they should make sure that your website is fast.



What is Meta Data?

Whether the marketing agency is adding a blog post, a new page they should always write a meta title and meta description for every single page.



Keyword Research

Before an SEO company starts to improve  a businesses organic search engine optimisation, the digital marketing agency should carry out keyword research, this is to  see which words they should be optimising the company website for.

So, for example if we were working a plumbing business, then we would use a really good quality SEO tool to undertake keyword research, that SEO tool is likely to tell us that we need to optimise the website boiler repair, heating engineers and local plumbers.


Technical SEO

Your SEO agency should improve your businesses technical SEO as well.



Redirects and 404s

If there are any 404 page errors, your web designer should fix these



Sitemaps and Submitting URLs

If you web designers design a new page, your web designers should then submit the URL to make sure that it can get crawled and indexed as soon as possible, also the site map should be updated.


Google Analytics

We would highly recommend getting a Google Analytics account.



What is Google Search Console?

We would also highly recommend getting a Google Search Console account.


Does social media help SEO?

It’s most definitely does, let’s say that you spend three days writing a long blog post, let’s say that 7000 words in total your obviously going to want as many readers to read it is possible, so that they might possibly buy a product from you.

A way therefore of getting potentially thousands of readers to read your blog post, that you have just finished writing, is to is to promote it using social media such as Facebook.



The difference between Organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC)

with organic SEO, you could have let’s say 1 million visitors to your website and you don’t pay one penny for each visitor, that’s because organic visitors can visit your website for free.

Pay per click is totally different, you have to pay for every click to your website.