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Can you tell us some quick ways to improve our local search engine optimisation?

Can you tell us some quick ways to improve our local search engine optimisation?



Here’s the thing, when it comes to search engine optimisation, a lot of businesses always want quick fixes, ways which that can generate more business in the click of a finger.

Well for that, you do need Google Adwords, which is sometimes called PPC “Pay Per Click”. We do offer to manage businesses Google Adwords accounts for them, but, in this article we are going to be talking about something totally different, and that is organic SEO.


What does local SEO mean?

However, we have to say before we continue any further, when it comes to search engine optimisation whether it be organic or local SEO, there are rarely any quick fixes, or ways you can generate more business is the click of a finger. That’s because the truth is when it comes to search engine optimisation, it’s a long old slog, and that’s why when you contact any marketing agency, they normally quote you a monthly fee.

So for local seo, prices at our agency range between £1000.00 and £7000.00 depend

The reason why their quote in you a monthly fee, is simply because work needs to be implemented every single month, so therefore it’s most definitely not like switching on a light and you instantly can start seeing results.

SEO is a slow process that’s for sure, and here’s some of the ways


First things first, you need to get a well-designed website  

So many businesses will buy cheap websites, let’s say for £300 or even sometimes less than that, and then turn to various seo agencies such as ours for advice on how they can optimise that site.

In our humble opinion, your unlikely to get a well-designed website for £300 or less, of course you haven’t got to totally push the boat out and spend a fortune on how the website designed, but it does need to be well designed, before any search engine optimisation (SEO) work can begin.

So, you need to think about having unique, high quality content marketing, need to have each service separated onto a different page, the website needs to be fast and it needs to be well designed.

If the website is not well, designed, and it’s a rather basic, then the first step in improving your local seo might be to have the website’s design improved and, in some cases, it might need to be totally redesigned by a web designer. However with that said, before you have any company website redesigned, make sure you consult with a leading seo agency for advice, to make sure the seo, and redesign work is carried out to a high standard.


Set up a Google My Business account

This is an absolute piece of cake to do, and it shouldn’t take you too long to do.

The good thing is that to set up a Google My Business account is absolutely free, so you most definitely should do it, do make sure the NAP details, that is the name of your business, the company address and phone number all match we company website.

Start to build business citations on yellow pages, Thomson local, Wales online

Again this is an absolute piece of cake to do, we would recommend to start building business citations, on quality websites, such as yell, Thomson local, and also Wales online,  and make sure that the nap details your businesses Google my business account, and the nap details mentioned on your company website.

Next step is to write quality content marketing, whether that’s blog posts, evergreen content marketing, or to create new pages

The content marketing you add to your company website, needs to be top quality, you need to spend long time writing it, it needs to be well researched it needs to be simply top quality work.


Need you need to start fixing the on page seo

Even if the website cost £50,000 to have built, and it’s designed by top quality web design agency, often it will still need perfecting, in terms of the on page seo will need to be improved.

A really good digital marketing agency should add schema to your company website, also to help to improve the on page seo, such as adding internal links, add new pages, and add meta titles.

Make it fast, make it super sonic

Your website needs to be supersonic fast, it needs load on our smart phone in the blink of an eye, if it does not, in then you might need to change your hosting company.


Off-site seo, building backlinks, Google My Business, business citations

Your seo company should also start building do-follow, and no follow backlinks, it is much better to earn links, and often you need to help of the digital marketing agency to start doing this.

Simply haven’t got the time?


Whether your hairdresser, an accountant or you are a leading solicitor within your area, often businesses haven’t got the time to be improving their own search engine optimisation, that’s why they call us.

Often therefore you need to outsource this work to an seo agency, like ours, and that’s where we step in.

We have been working with many businesses over the last seven years, to implement top quality white hat work.

If you want the very best quality search engine optimisation applied to your website, if you want us to help you to drum up more sales, if you want the work completed in a white hat way then you should call us.


We have seo packages start from just £1000 a month, so why not give our business a ring today?