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How do you go about building high-quality, do follow backlinks?

How do you go about building high-quality, do follow backlinks?




You might have been reading endless blog posts on many marketing websites, and you might have noticed that, they keep mentioning backlinks. Therefore, you have noticed that backlinks are indeed a very important part of the search engine optimisation process.

So, now you want to learn how to build backlinks, well you’ve most definitely come to the right place that’s for sure. This article will now explain how to go about building high-quality do follow backlinks for your business.


What are backlinks exactly?

Backlinks are simply links from one website to another, so let’s say that an airline also owns a chain of hotels, so after you have booked a flight, the website may ask, do you want to also book a hotel?

Then when you click the word hotel, you are taken to a another website, therefore you have used a backlinks to go from the airlines website, over to the hotel website.

Backlinks therefore are really useful to shoppers, because they allow them to quickly go to another company website with just one click of the mouse.

But backlinks can also be very useful, when a business wants to improve its search engine optimisation.


How can quality backlinks help a business, to improve its search engine optimisation?

Quite simply put, it doesn’t matter if you run a solicitor’s practice, or let’s say that you run an airline, the more backlinks you have, which are quality links, these will help to improve your company’s online marketing.

So, for example let’s say there are two competing airlines, both want to rank for low-cost airlines United Kingdom, if one has substantially more do follow, quality backlinks, then that website will be deemed to have stronger search engine optimisation. Therefore, this simply means, that that website is likely to rank higher in the search results, simply because it has better quality backlinks.


But how important are backlinks?

Well, the truth is, you could spend forever and a day say constantly trying to improve a business’s meta titles and meta descriptions, so that in the click through rate improves. However, the problem with this is, improving meta titles and meta descriptions is unlikely to really have a dramatic effect on your businesses search engine optimisation.

However, with that said, having a lot of really, top quality backlinks, from website such as the BBC, well they can have a dramatic effect on your businesses search engine optimisation, that’s because if you have a lot of really top-quality links, then this can mean that your business moves up the ranks, sometimes by quite a lot depending on how many quality links you to have.

So, to answer the question, how important are quality backlinks, in terms of improving a business’s search engine optimisation, well the answer to that question is simple they are very important, because if you have a lot of do follow backlinks, and you are likely to see your search engine optimisation improve.


What is anchor text?

So, the actual text that you click on in order to follow a link, often this text is bald, which is a different colour from the rest of the text, the text which is highlighted or a different colour is what is called the anchor text. The anchor text might be something as simple as text which just reads click here, or it might be more descriptive such as quality ski boots for under hundred pounds.

What is important is that the anchor text is written in a white hat way, what we mean by white hat is you must follow search engine optimisation best practice, and you should write the anchor text so that it is useful to your shoppers, so by that we mean it should accurately describe the page it links to.

So, for example let’s say that you sell surfboards, and you sell a range of different surfboards, you might wish to use the brand of the surfboard plus the word surfboard.

However a lot of businesses simply make the mistake of thinking, well we want to rank for low-cost surfboards, and then they right into their anchor text low-cost surfboards every single time, so across the whole website they have let’s say 1000 anchor text which all read low-cost surfboards, obviously this is not good search engine optimisation, it’s likely to result in the business incurring a penalty, because instead of accurately describing where the page leads to, such as the brand of surfboard, instead if overused the description low-cost surfboards.

So, the anchor text needs to be diversified, and by we mean the anchor text should accurately describe the page it links to. So, if the page that you are linking to is on say a family law websites, and you are linking to the page which offers mediation services, you should use the anchor text mediation services.

A really low-quality online marketing agency might overuse the anchor text “divorce solicitors”, to try and improve the businesses search engine optimisation, yet this won’t work, it is likely that the business if it over uses the same anchor text time and time again, will just mean that the business simply incurs a penalty, that’s because the overused the same anchor text too much.

Therefore, the anchor text needs to be diversified, and it needs to accurately describe the page or the blog post that it is are linking to.


So how do you go about building high-quality backlinks?

We think that the best way that any business can build quality backlinks, is simply by taking the time to create top quality content marketing. So, for example it doesn’t matter if you are a solicitor, hairdresser or builder, you should create content marketing, which is well written which your customers are likely to find very interesting to read and useful. Therefore, if this work is really high quality and it offers superb quality advice then this likely to be linked to.


So, what you are saying is, if you publish high-quality blog posts other businesses might link to you?

That’s exactly right, for example, you could run a solicitor’s practice, and one of your solicitors write a brilliant article let’s say it 10,000 words, and talks about changes which are happening to the divorce process, other solicitors practices when they writing their own blog posts might read that blog post and think that’s really good, and they might want to link to it, and that’s especially if the business is in an opposite part of the country so that really then not competing for customers.

For example, a solicitor’s practice in Wales might link to a solicitor’s practice in London, because they know that not many of their customers are going to come from that area, so even though they’re helping the other businesses search engine optimisation, by linking to that work, they really not in competition because they are too far apart geographically.

However, because the solicitor has seen that that other solicitor practice has published brilliant quality work, they might want to link to it because they know that their customers might want to read it.

So, by publishing top quality content marketing you might start again a lot of quality backlinks.


Why should a business never purchase backlinks?

We would never recommend, purchasing any backlinks at all, we would never recommend purchasing backlinks for the simple reason that, if you were to buy backlinks then this can result in the business incurring a penalty. Every backlink, whether it is do follow or whether it is no follow shouldn’t be purchased, it should be earned.


What are external backlinks?

Now a common mistake, that some businesses make, is thinking that an internal backlink, is worth the same, as an external backlink. However, a top quality, do follow backlink, from a website, such as the BBC, or other quality websites, can have a dramatic effect on a business’s search engine optimisation, in terms of it can really help to positively improve the businesses search engine optimisation, if the backlinks are external, high-quality, do follow and also the anchor text has been written in a white hat way.

Don’t get us wrong, internal backlinks are important, they help the pages on your website to get crawled and indexed, however if you really want to make a massive improvement to your businesses search engine optimisation (SEO), then what you need is a lot, sometimes hundreds, sometimes even thousands or sometimes in highly competitive business sectors, sometimes you will need millions, of quality, do follow, backlinks which have been built in a white hat way.


Are external backlinks easy to build?

Most definitely not, an internal backlink is an absolute piece of cake to build, if you’ve got a WordPress website, you don’t even need any coding knowledge you can simply log into the WordPress dashboard, and you can simply use the text editor, to highlight the text, you could make it bald you could change the colour of the text to make it the anchor text, then you could add an internal link on your website to any page or blog post you want.

However, with that said building external backlinks, well that is much harder to do, because other businesses, they need to link to your company website, the only reason that they would do this is because they see the work that you have published is good quality. For example, let’s say that your company manufacturers very high quality car waxes, scratch removers, plus also springs which you can spray onto the glass to clean it within your car, a business which restores and sells high-value classic cars, may see that you sell high quality products, and that you offer quality advice on how to apply those waxes to the car.

Because the quality of the product is so good, plus you offer quality advice on how to apply the, wax, the business which restores and also sells classic cars, may link to your products, because they recognise it as a very high-quality product.

They may link to a page which says how to remove a scratch from a car door, therefore they have a read the article that you have written, they see it as a good quality piece of writing, and therefore have chosen to link to it. Therefore, backlinks should be earned and never bought.