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How to go about picking the right digital marketing agency for your business


How to go about picking the right digital marketing agency for your business



How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency



Picking the right digital marketing agency for your business is most definitely no walk in the park, that’s for sure.

For starters, the different agencies can offer wildly different prices, some can offer prices starting from say £300 a month, and then others might not take on any companies for less than £7000 a month.

Prices aside, it then boils down to the level of experience the agency has, have they just set their business? Or are they an experienced agency that’s been around for say the last 10 years?

There are so many things to think about when picking a marketing company, and you need to carefully choose  your SEO company.

Some companies will do simply brilliant job, and in a relatively short period of time you might start to see really good solid results.

However, some other companies, they might not do such a good job, they might cut corners, they might even get the business a penalty which means that the drop down the ranks substantially.

So, there is loads to think about when picking a digital marketing agency, to help you with your decision process, we thought we would give you some ideas of some of the things that you might wish to consider.

Before we go on any further, we would say this, which ever agency you choose, whether it’s a freelancer working from home or whether you pick one of the top agencies in London, all of the work must be top quality, it must be white hat.

We would say most definitely don’t bother with the really cheap prices, and don’t hire any business that will cut corners, simply because it will result in your business in incurring a penalty, which simply means that your business search engine optimisation could become damaged.



Have a chat with their current clients

A really good digital marketing agency should be working with a large number of local businesses, if they’ve been offering their services for a really long time, then they should have many happy clients.

So, we would say to ask your digital marketing agency, as if you can speak to any of their current clients.

Some agencies are happy to hand over perhaps an email address or phone number to one of their current clients, and then you can arrange to have a quick chat with them, and you can start to then get a good idea of what the marketing agency is capable of in terms of delivering search engine optimisation results.



Business Reviews

Why not have a look at the business’s reviews? If the business hasn’t got any reviews at all it could be an indication that they have just started their business, and therefore don’t really have a proven track record of improving many businesses search engine optimisation, because, lets say the marketing company may have only been running for lets say 1 year.

At this point, you might want to go for a more experienced SEO company, that has worked with many more businesses, and is therefore likely to have many more positive reviews.

You might want to go the extra mile, and you might spot the the companies names that’s left a positive review on Google My Business, let’s say the business review has been left one year ago, you might wish to contact that company directly, and see if you can have a quick chat with them, to see if this still happy with how the digital marketing company is performing.

You might find that even though they’ve left the positive business review let’s say a year ago, they might have left using that company because let’s say a member of staff left the company, and somebody replace them, and they may have noticed that the SEO results went downhill after that.

So, it is a good idea to call around, see if their current clients are willing to have a chat, so that you can see if they are still happy or not with the service they are being offered.



Get a cast iron guarantee that they will use white hat methods

You want an absolute cast-iron guarantee, from which ever agency you hire, that they will only ever use white hat methods, because if they use low quality SEO methods, this could damage the SEO, and it could mean that it’s very hard to recover from.

So, many businesses choose various agencies, because they offer unbelievably low prices, but sometimes there’s a reason why the prices that they offer are so cheap, because sometimes the company cut corners.

If they do cut corners, and use low quality methods of SEO, then the SEO will become damaged, and this means there could take a very long period of time to recover from.

When we say could take a long time to recover from, we mean years sometimes before the SEO even regains to where it used to be.

So, for example, let’s say that you hire an SEO agency, that doesn’t do a very good job at all, they actually build low quality backlinks and this then results in your business incurring a link penalty, well it could take years to recover from a link penalty, this is what we mean by should carefully consider which SEO company you hire could you only want to purchase high quality work.

Any marketing company which chooses to cut corners, in terms of offering low quality seo work, could result in their clients incurring an algorithmic penalty from Google, and you most definitely want to avoid incurring a manual or algorithmic penalty, because it could substantially damage your SEO for a very long period of time.