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How does content marketing help a business to improve its search engine optimisation

How does content marketing help a business to improve its search engine optimisation




A large chunk of time is spent by a lot of marketing agencies writing content marketing, perhaps they also produce infographics, and also embed a YouTube video, where presenters explaining the benefits let’s say of owning a certain product.

Now you might think why is my marketing agency spending so much time producing blog posts, YouTube videos and infographics?

Especially if you’re not going to see results straightaway, and what we mean by that is that if you write a really good blog post, let’s say that you publish it today on your website, you might not see the benefits in terms of the organic search engine optimisation uplift, in terms of where you rank for let’s say three months or perhaps even longer.


So why go through all of this effort?

Well, the answer is simple, when you add a lot of quality content marketing, it might in some instances take over a hundred pieces of work, but eventually if the work is really high quality, you will start to improve where you rank on Google.

And obviously regardless of which business sector you are in, whether you’re a solicitor, the hairdresser or perhaps an accountant you’re going to want to rank on Google as highly as you possibly can.

We would go so far as saying that it near on impossible, to get any business on the first page of Google, without the business first having added high quality blog posts, evergreen content marketing and to make sure that item such as the product descriptions, I well written.

So how exactly does content marketing help to improve a business’s search engine optimisation


Rank higher

The most obvious benefit is businesses will simply want to rank higher Google, now let’s say that you sell example ice hockey skates, your business to get on the first page of Google for ice hockey skates you’re going to need to publish a lot of really useful guides about ice hockey skates.

For example, you might want to write a guide, on how to correctly sharpen your ice hockey skates, you might wish to write about the best places to buy ice hockey skates, you might wish to write about a brand of ice hockey skates the just released a brand-new product.

When you start to add content marketing which really explains the benefits of owning certain products, new also answer questions that your customers frequently ask you, then you can start to improve your businesses organic search engine optimisation.


Must be original

When a lot of businesses start to try and improve the businesses SEO sometimes, they make the mistake of trying to cut corners, what we mean by trying to cut corners is sometimes will be trying to Do is content marketing from another website, if you were to copy and paste work from another website this will massively damage your businesses search engine optimisation.

Instead work needs to be super high quality, it needs to be original, you do need to spend a great deal of time writing it, to make sure that the work is high quality, well researched and you should also take the time to ask experts for their opinions so that they can also contribute to the article, for example we are obviously an SCO agency, but we might be talking about something to do with web design, because we are not exported web design we could talk to web design companies we know to gain their advice, and this could be written into the article.


It does take time; you do have to be very patient

This is the thing that a lot of business owners need to appreciate, that whether they are paying an agency to do the work, or they are writing the content marketing themselves, you can’t expect miracles overnight. Line so what we mean by this is you might spend a considerable amount of time writing a 3000-word article, you’ve done a lot of research, you add internal links, you’ve added titles, you’ve also proofread the work so that it reads correctly, in total you might’ve spent let’s say over 50 hours writing this work in total.

Therefore, you might be expecting your businesses SEO to massively improve overnight, however seo doesn’t work like this at all, in matter of fact the one article that you have written might have little or no effect on your SEO for a long period of time, that’s because often you have to write potentially hundreds of articles in order to give your SEO a serious uplift in terms of where your business ranks.

Therefore, those expect by writing just one article, that your SEO is going to substantially improve, because sometimes it will not.

What is often needs to happen is you need to write a lot of articles, covering a range of different subjects to do with your business, for example if you are plumber you might write about how to fix a leaking tap, the following week you might write an article about what to do with your central heating loses pressure, and a warning light is displayed on the boiler. The following week you might write an article about what to do if you think that your pipes become frozen and burst within your house.

When you start to write all of these articles become very clear that your business is a plumbing business and therefore if you have done this work to weigh high standard, and by that we mean it’s white hat then your search engine optimisation should start to improve.



Here’s our best piece of advice that we can offer you, regardless of which business sector you are in, you obviously will have a keyword you want to rank higher for.

For example, let’s say that you manufacture ice cream, you might want to rank for ice cream retailers in Wales.

We might want to simply rank for ice cream Wales.

Alternatively, you might want to rank for luxury ice cream Wales.

But here’s the thing that you need to bear in mind, if you write content marketing which is superb quality, then you should start to improve where your business for a huge number of different keywords, so don’t just focus on one keyword or three keywords, instead focus on writing content marketing with really explains why your product is high quality.

For example, you may wish to talk about the cream that goes into your ice cream, and this is brought from dairy farmers in the south-west of England and is produced by a certain type of Which produces a high quality milk.

Therefore, what you should focus on is what differentiates your product, what makes it very high quality, then talk about this in your content marketing. This way you will be telling your potential customers about what makes your product such high quality. By doing this you will be helping your customers to better understand your product, but also this will help to improve your businesses online marketing, because it will be clear that because you are regularly talking about luxury ice cream, using quality ingredients that you are retailer of quality ice cream Wales.


Add internal links

When you’re writing content marketing, let’s say numerous blog posts for your website, it’s likely that some of the articles which you have written will slightly overlap, for example let’s say that you sell car waxes and you specialise in the business of selling quality car waxes, these car waxes are meant for high-value and performance, as well as classic cars.

Now you are writing an article about how to apply car wax to let’s say a Jaguar motor vehicle, and you want to also mention how to remove a scrap from a door, however you understand that last week you wrote a detailed article explaining how to remove a scratch from a door panel on your car.

So rather than having to write the advice again of how to remove the scratch from the door, what you could simply do is link to the article which you have written last week, this doesn’t just help your readers, it can also help improve your marketing, because it starts to become clear that the products which you are retailing are all to do with how to look after your car, how to repair the paintwork and how to really thoroughly clean the inside of cars.

It’s therefore really crystal-clear that the products you sell are to do with looking after your car.