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How internal linking can help to improve your companies SEO


How internal linking can help to improve your companies SEO

A Guide to Internal Linking to help improve your businesses organic seo





Whether you’re a seasoned seo wizard or just kick-starting your online adventure, this guide is chock-full of suggestions on how you can improve your businesses internal linking. Buckle up and let’s go on this thrilling ride through the world of internal linking. ?️


1. Internal Links:


    A Quick Rundown: Internal links are those hyperlinks that hop from one page to another within the same site. So for example, let’s say that your business sells running trainers, you might also sell socks as well, so just before the person purchases a new set of running trainers, you might prompt them to buy some socks on special offer through using an internal link to that page which sells socks. Imagine they’re like little breadcrumbs guiding you from the entrance to the exit of the maze.


3. Tips for nailing your internal link game


    A Wealth of Content marketing: often businesses will publish, sometimes hundreds of blog posts, which they may have written over a very long period of time. Yet some of the topics will overlap, for example you might be a architect, and on your website might be talking about how to build an environmentally friendly home. Then the following week you might be talking about a new product, that is insulation, yet this ties nicely into a previous blog post that you have written about building environmentally friendly homes.

Therefore you know the reader who’s reading about insulation, is likely to be interested about reading  an article on how they can make their homes more energy-efficient, and how they can make their home environmentally friendly by purchasing this insulation.

Therefore you might add an internal link, which keeps the reader on your website for longer, which is very good for your organic seo. In matter of fact, at our digital marketing agency, our seo consultants, work very hard to create well written content marketing, with the aim of reducing your businesses bounce rate and keeping a reader on your website for much longer.

Therefore internal links, can help to improve your seo in many different ways, for example they can reduce your businesses bounce rate. They can also improve time on-site, that’s how long a shopper spends on your website. Digital marketing agencies spend a huge amount of time improving their businesses bounce rate, to do this you need to lower the bounce rate.


 Authority Plays a Role: Linking from your rockstar pages to the new blog posts boost their confidence (and their ranking!). So for example, let’s say that you run a business which sells tennis rackets, and there’s a brand of tennis racquet which is one of your bestselling products. You might therefore link that page directly to a blog post, where you are talking about a brand-new tennis racket that that brand has just manufactured.

This will send link equity from the main page, to your new blog posts to help improve weather blog post ranks.

 Anchor Text

Whichever online marketing agency you do hire within the city of Cardiff, South Wales, do make sure that the right wall of the anchor text in a white hat way.


Quality Over Quantity

No one wants a chat with someone who’s all over the place. So for example, don’t just add say a huge amount of internal links to each blog post or page, thinking that this is going to improve your seo as this approach to seo and writing internal links, including the anchor text will not work.

So instead of adding too many internal links, just simply place them within the paragraphs way you think it will help the reader most. For example you might be selling items such as oil filter, pollen filters and engine oil. You might be writing very detailed blog posts on how to change the oil and service a particular model of Mercedes-Benz.

Let’s say that you are writing an article on how to service a 2017 C class Mercedes-Benz car. You might wish to add internal links, to the page which sells engine oil, another to the page which sells the pollen filter, and another internal link to the page which sells the oil filter.

What this will do, is help the person reading the article, to select the right products that they need. Therefore you have correctly placed the internal links, because you are helping your customers, and by helping your customers you will also be helping to improve your seo.

For example, somebody who wants to service their Mercedes-Benz, 2017 C class car, are likely to spend a great deal of time reading through the blog post, to make sure that they can correctly change the oil themselves.

Then they are likely to click on the internal links, and spend a great deal of time reading about the various products. Therefore you will have correctly placed the internal links, because you will have helped the customer to find the products that they want, plus the bounce rate is likely to be low, because the person will be reading about the products for a long period of time which will help to improve your businesses organic seo.