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How schema can help to improve your businesses e-commerce SEO

How schema can help to improve your businesses e-commerce SEO



Hold tight, and let us explain exactly what schema markup is, plus why our digital marketing agency simply thinks it’s the bee’s knees when it comes to improving a businesses e-commerce SEO.

So what is Schema Markup anyway?

Schema markup ain’t just a fancy term. It’s a collaborative masterpiece by top dogs like Google and Microsoft to help improve your businesses content marketing, for example it can be used to markup NAP information on a page. It’s like giving the internet a Rosetta Stone, translating your website’s language into something search engines can easily understand.

So for example, a page might have 1000 words, but you might want the star rating of a product to standout, and appear in the serps for example, you might sell, dishwashers online, and you might want your Bosch dishwashers which is your best seller, to mark up the star rating, because this will highlight in the Serps, that this is a very popular product. Therefore schema can be used to markup the star rating the product.




Why we would recommend that your business adds Schema Markup to your website:


All in All, Give Your eShop the Schema Glow-Up

If you’ve got an an online shop, schema markup can be used to help your businesses stand out in the Serps –


Click through rate

Let’s say that you are shopping for a pair of running trainers, you know the brand that you want, and is therefore you are just simply looking for online retailers that sell that brand of running trainer.

Then you are presented with 10 businesses which sell this particular brand of running trainer, but there’s one nearer the top which shows a star rating, it shows a picture of the running trainer that you want to buy and next to it is the star rating for that product. Let’s say that it has a star rating of 4.7, you think wow that must be a brilliant product, so you click on the business and you by your running trainers from that company.

Therefore because that company has added schema markup, perhaps the digital marketing agency has added schema markup to every single product on the website, this has help to improve your businesses click through rate.

What does click through rate mean?

Well it doesn’t matter if you sell gutter clearing services, or perhaps you are a solicitor, you are going to want your business to be ranked on the first page of Google, then you’re obviously going to want as many shoppers as possible, to click on your business rather than your direct competitors. Therefore even when your business is ranked on the first page, it still has to compete with all those other companies, in terms of getting shoppers to click on your business.

So if you can get your business to standout, and get more shoppers clicking on your website, then you’re more likely to make more sales.

In order to get your business to standout, a lot of companies you schema, for example you might run a leading solicitors practice, and you might specialise in divorce, let’s say that you have an average star rating of five out of five, if this star rating shows up in the Serps, then shoppers can think that solicitors practice has excellent reviews.

Therefore there are more likely to click on your business because your business has schema added to the website. And because of the schema markup, your customers star rating now shows up in the Serps.

Even though your business might not be right at the top of Google, it might be ranked let’s say for, yet because your business has schema, and it shows the star rating in the Serps, your business might actually get clicked on more than the business which is ranked right at the top of the organic results.


F.A.Q – All You Fancy to Know


    What is schema markup in plain English?

    Think of it like a translator for your website. It helps search engines understand your content better. So for example, your marketing agency, might use it to mark up the NAP information on the footer of your website.


    Where can I learn more about the types of schema?

    Head over to Schema.org. It’s like the Hogwarts for schema markup.


    Any other benefits I should know?

    Ever heard of rich snippets? Schema helps with that. Plus, it makes your business more locatable for the local crowd.


    Sounds complicated. Can I get help with this?

    Absolutely! Many SEO agencies can help. Our agency can help to add schema, sometimes it just takes a matter of a few minutes to add schema to your homepage.