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How to accurately measure organic SEO performance

How to accurately measure organic SEO performance


A quick rundown: A User’s guide to SEO metrics


  • Understanding the SEO game
  • Setting and smashing those goals
  • Not just about ranking at the top
  • Going beyond Google – other factors to consider
  • The power of the right tools, like Google Analytics
  • Getting that moolah – focusing on conversion rates
  • The dreaded bounce rate

Bounce Rate

If your visitors to your company website, leave say the homepage to go to a competitor’s website then this could mean that you have a very high bounce rate!

A high bounce rate’s like spilling your tea – it’s just heartbreaking. Time to spruce things up a bit!
Our SEO consultants, can work with your business to reduce your company’s bounce rate, not just on the home page but also across your main pages.


Understanding how SEO works

Sometimes, some businesses believe that all SEO it’s is getting a business onto the first page of Google, however there is much more to it than just that. Often the marketing agency has to work hard to reduce bounce rates, as well as increasing time spent on-site by your customers.

While ranking high on Google makes you feel like the belle of the ball, it’s not the only game in town. Diversify, my friend! After all, there’s more to the British Isles than just Big Ben and fish and chips.

Mastering Your Tools: Google Analytics & More-you really do need to invest in quality SEO tools
Getting a grip on Google Analytics is like finally understanding the rules of rugby – initially confusing but something that business owners need to understand. With it, you’ll know who’s just window shopping and who’s actually buying. So for example, sure, you might have 1000 visitors a week, but how many are actually buying products?

Organic Traffic

When someone upon visits your company website site without your business paying for any paid ads, that’s what is called and organic visitor. And we can help your business to obtain many more organic visitors.
We have worked with businesses here in Wales, that have had no organic visitors per month, when they first started working with us.
Yet fast forward seven months later, or sometimes even less, we have managed to obtain some of our clients thousands of organic visitors.


Converting like a pro

Imagine SEO as the world’s most complex tea-making process. The end goal? A smashing cup of tea. In this analogy, your conversions are that perfect sip. Whether it’s a sale, a sign-up, or an inquiry, that’s your golden brew right there.

So what we simply mean by this is, it’s most definitely worth asking your marketing within Cardiff to stay within the SEO report, how many people purchase the product, how many people signed up to a newsletter, how many people went on to request a callback from the company because they are interested in the services that the business offers.


Continuous Monitoring: keep that SEO ship sailing smooth

Much like how the River Thames never stops flowing, your organic SEO efforts should be ever-evolving. Regular checks and tweaks will keep you sailing smoothly. This is why, we have businesses which have worked with us for a very long period of time, the reason it’s simple, that’s because SEO is an ongoing process.
In regards to SEO it never really comes to an end, that’s because as soon as you pause or completely stop, often after a short amount of time, your business might be overtaken by your direct competitors.
This is why so many businesses across the UK, call us, because they want us to improve their organic and also then local SEO every single month. We have helped put a large number of businesses onto the first page of Google.



Can I just set my SEO and forget it?

Would you leave your fish & chips out in the rain? SEO requires regular improvements if you want to keep moving forwards and closer to page 1 of Google.

What tool should I primarily use for tracking?

Google Analytics is a great tool we would highly recommend using this.

How often should I revisit my SEO strategy?

As often as you fancy a cuppa! Regular checks and also improvements can help to improve your businesses SEO.