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How often should our business be adding new blog posts?

How often should our business be adding new blog posts?

How regularly should our business be adding new blog posts to our website?


Our seo business explains the benefits of regularly adding quality blog posts


Written by: Ryan Walsh


Updating your company website on a regular basis is important, whether that’s adding content marketing or simply keeping your WordPress Plugins up-to-date is important.

As adding content marketing can help to improve your companies seo.

Quality content marketing that follows Google’s EEAT can help to improve your companies organic seo

Let’s put it this way, if your business is not regularly adding quality, well written useful content marketing then this could be pretty much impossible to get the business onto page one of Google.

That’s why when you look at the leading businesses on first page of Google, they normally have many well written blogs posts, and may continue to add new work every month.


In this article, we will talk about the main benefits of keeping a website updated by adding blog posts.
So, let’s begin:


How often should a business be adding blog posts to their company website?

So, here’s the thing, it’s not so much about quantity, it’s all about quality (Google EEAT). So it often boils down to this, what capacity does your business, or your marketing budget allow you to create high quality content marketing?
Whether that be:

– Infographics
– Evergreen content marketing
– Blog posts
– New pages
– Youtube videos


If you can only create one piece of really good content marketing every month, then this is a much, much better than creating a piece of content marketing every week that is rubbish quality.

The reason for this is, for your businesses SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve, we need to get clicks onto that blog post, (CTR) readers need to then spend a lot of time reading it.

If they don’t spend a lot of time reading it, because it’s poorly written, then this will damage your business by having a high bounce rate.
You can check the bounce rate for each page or post on your website by logging into your Google Analytics account.



This therefore reiterates our point, that is better to generate quality work than to add low quality work. So, for example a well written blog post, it might take all day to create, but it can pay off dividends, if your business does get onto page one of Google.


So, how regularly should we be adding blog posts to our website?

We would recommend adding new blog posts at a much slower pace when the website is brand-new, and perhaps adding up to around two pieces of quality work every single month when the website is a bit more established. For example, when a website has been published for more than three years, then you could add content marketing say every two weeks instead of just writing a piece once a month.
If the website brand-new we word only recommend say adding a piece month and no more.


So, what should we be writing about?

Well in every single industry, there’s always something to talk about. For example, there might be new legislation that’s been introduced, for example a construction company might talk about new health and safety law which effects its business. Or your business might be launching a brand-new product, or you might have just hired a new staff member which has a huge amount of experience in your business sector and therefore write a post, which introduces that member of staff to your team.
Therefore you could write a article about any of these.


Demonstrating (EEAT) on your company website is also very important

So in your industry, you are likely to face a huge amount of competition. So, through your blog posts, you need to demonstrate Google’s EEAT, that’s expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness. This is so that you prove the your business has a huge amount of expertise in that area.

So, whether you are selling classic cars, or perhaps you are selling diamond rings, your business should demonstrate every month your business can demonstrate a huge amount of expertise in the business sector.


The main reason businesses regularly add content marketing is to improve their organic SEO

Let’s get down to brass tacks

So, the main reason why so many business would spend say eight hours writing a blog post, giving away free advice, is for two reasons to help their customers find the products / services they want and also to persuade them to buy products and services from them
The other main reason is to improve the businesses seo, so that the website is more visible so it appears for more keywords, therefore you are much more likely to sell more products.

So, let’s say the you write a comprehensive guide about electric bikes, if this guide is then read by millions of readers every month, some of them may go on to purchase a product from you.
So therefore, by greatly posting high quality content marketing you can help to improve your businesses organic seo, and help many more people to find your company on Google.


What was Google’s helpful content update?

The Google’s helpful content update was a very important update made by Google, that helped businesses which published high-quality, well written content marketing to appear higher in the organic rankings. So, a business that have persevered by writing really high quality content marketing, and this might often mean hundreds of hours of work, will eventually see that hard work pay off by those businesses start into rank higher on Google. So its definitely worth investing your time into writing quality work.


Writing quality content marketing can help to improve brand awareness

Someone might not need your services or products at the moment, yet they might be reading an article for example which is advising them on how to start the divorce process on your company website.

However they might not have any intention of starting that process just yet.

However, if your business continuously pops up, with really helpful blog posts, which addresses many of the questions that person has, then you are helping to improve the brand awareness of your business.

The company logo, the distinctive colours of your business, and also just the name of your business, will be enough often to sticking that person’s mind.

So, when they do need your product or services you might be the first business they contact, this is why it always worth giving away free information, and spending a lot of time writing the blog posts, because it can help to improve your businesses brand awareness both in Cardiff and further afield.


How our company can help:

We have some of the most experienced, highly knowledgeable and expert SEO consultants working for us in the whole of Cardiff.
We work with many clients the based in Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff areas, if you would like a free no obligation quote then why not give us a ring?