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Essential things you need to know about Google’s Algorithm: A detailed guide for digital marketers

Essential things you need to know about Google’s Algorithm: A detailed guide for digital marketers




Why Google’s algorithm is a bit like a Rubix cube

As we navigate the labyrinth of Google’s algorithm, it’s essential to know that the algorithm is not cast in stone. What we mean by that is that it is ever-changing and evolving.

Businesses and digital marketers must understand the basics of how this algorithm works to improve their business’s SEO efforts. Google’s algorithm acts as a bridge, connecting users worldwide to relevant information within the blink of an eye.

Therefore, for the website to appear in front of more shoppers, the onsite SEO needs to be good, as well as your company’s technical SEO and offsite SEO. It’s a puzzle that many seek to solve, but it’s more complex than just outrunning a cheetah in the digital savannah.


Understanding Google’s Algorithm

Understanding Google’s algorithm requires acknowledging its fluidity- that it changes as regularly as clockwork- and you must be committed to constantly learning about how this algorithm evolves and improves. The search giant continuously updates its algorithm, sometimes without public announcements.


Google’s Announcements and why you should follow websites such as Search Engine Land

When Google does speak, it’s wise to listen. Businesses need to know about the various updates, such as the Panda, Penguin, and Bert updates, to ensure they are following both Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google’s EEAT. Their updates and insights are a goldmine for understanding their search objectives. This knowledge is critical in shaping strategies for creating websites that rank better within the organic SERPs.


An Overview of Google’s Algorithm

Revisiting Google’s guidance for content creators is essential, so read as many articles as possible about Google’s EEAT. The latest iteration, known as E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), provides a more transparent framework for crafting people-first content marketing. Let’s break down each element:

What we mean by people first is that you should write content marketing to help your shoppers. Don’t just create content marketing to try to improve your company’s SEO, as this approach doesn’t work. The work might be deemed low quality, resulting in a Google penalty.



Added in late 2022, ‘experience’ highlights the value of first-hand knowledge, especially in an era dominated by AI content. So, what we mean by this is, whether it is a blog post, a piece of ever-green content marketing or a YouTube video you are creating, do make sure that you consult with an expert when completing the work.

So, whether you advise on how to make a Chicken Korma or fix an electric bike, make sure the work is guided or written by someone with extensive experience. It’s about providing a human touch that AI can’t replicate. When creating content marketing, consider the perspective that will benefit your audience, whether travel guides or product reviews.



Expertise is evident in the author’s background, so why not link to, say, your blog posts or a LinkedIn account to show that the author has, say, ten years of experience in SEO or whatever it is they are offering helpful advice on? It’s about ensuring credibility and presenting information in an accessible way. Think of expertise as the backbone of your content’s authority.



This aspect looks at your reputation outside your website. So, for example, how many do-follow backlinks do you have from high-quality websites showing they have linked to your work and therefore approve of it? Being cited by authoritative sources in your field can significantly boost your site’s standing. So, a mere mention of your company’s name, without a link, can be picked up by Google’s algorithms and the semantic web. This all shows that other businesses approve of your business. Yet, the companies you want linking to you need to be high-quality websites/


Trustworthiness: The Core of E-E-A-T

Google places immense value on trust. It encompasses all other E-E-A-T factors and is crucial in user perception. Elements like a detailed contact page are non-negotiable for online retailers in establishing trust. Plus, why not link to Trustpilot to show how many positive business reviews your website has?


How to stay ahead of the curve

In organic SEO, being proactive and adaptive to Google’s changes is critical. Understanding these shifts helps craft content marketing that resonates with Google’s algorithm and the human audience.

What is Google’s search algorithm?

Google’s search algorithm is a complex algorithm that is constantly being improved to retrieve data from its search index and deliver the best possible results for a query.

Google uses Googlebot to crawl and index the web; its brilliant algorithm decides which pages best answer a query and ranks the businesses accordingly.

It’s an SEO agency’s job to create high-quality content marketing complimented with good offsite SEO so that the page ranks as high as possible in the organic SERPs.


So, what is E-E-A-T?

Google’s E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s a framework used by Google to assess content marketing quality.


How often does Google update its algorithm?

Google.co.uk updates its algorithm frequently, with significant updates announced many times a year and minor changes happening more regularly.


How can I stay informed about Google’s algorithm updates?

Follow SEO news websites, such as Moz and Search Engine Land, as well as Google’s official blog and digital marketing forums to stay updated on the latest changes.