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How social media and SEO can work together to help you obtain even more customers

How social media and SEO can work together to help you obtain even more customers



How social media and SEO can be used to help your business gain more customers

A lot of businesses in Cardiff now use a fusion of social media and organic SEO to craft a formidable online presence that helps to grow that business. As a well-known seo company here in the UK our marketing consultancy will now offer deep dive into how these powerful tools intertwine, providing suggestions that you might want to use to grow your business.


How can social media and SEO be used to grow a business?

In this era where many businesses are heavily reliant on digital advertising, such as using search engine optimisation, understanding the intricate relationship between social media and SEO is critical.

Google ranks businesses according to how strong the businesses ranking factors are. Also, how important that business (entity) is considered as part of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

One way Google works out how important, how well known a brand that business is, is by using social media to gauge how many followers, and shoppers are visiting that social media page.

On the other hand, some seo agencies, think that major search engines like Google may not overtly count social signals in their algorithms, but the ripple effect of social media is undeniable.

However, here, we have been helping businesses to improve their SEO for a very long time, and we think, that by having thousands of followers, who also want to read your businesses blog posts, and see the products you have to offer, and they find your business via social media, well this has to help a business’s seo in our opinion.


Social Media and SEO

As we mentioned, some digital marketing agencies, think social media does not directly contribute to SEO rankings, but its indirect impact is immense. It’s a realm that enhances visibility, builds brand recognition, and fosters a community that indirectly bolsters SEO efforts.

So, for instance, let’s say you start selling a new product, and you promote this item on your company’s social media accounts, and you have let’s say 10,000 followers. Well, may help you to generate more sales, as you have a following, which may be very interested in this product.

This section delves into how social platforms can be a catalyst for improving your website’s search engine performance.

How social media can sometimes help a business to obtain more quality backlinks

Backlinks are the cornerstone of SEO success, for most businesses to rank on page one of Google, they need quality backlinks.
Publishing quality content marketing on social platforms can lead to increased shares and mentions, where bloggers may link to your work, meaning the business obtains more backlinks that enhance your site’s authority. This section explores strategies to maximize backlink potential through social media.

Social media platforms are goldmines for market insights and consumer trends. For example, let’s say you launch a new product, a new range of candles made from organic ingredients.

Well, you just have to sit back, and read what people are saying about your products. Do they think the product is too expensive? Or the best thing since sliced bread?

Understanding these patterns allows for organic SEO strategies that are not just reactive but proactive. In this part, I’ll guide you through harnessing social media data to refine your SEO approach.


More visitors

The magic of social media lies in its ability to draw audiences to your website. For example, lets say you do launch a range of candles, you promote that item say on Facebook, you may get millions of shoppers coming to your company website. They may not buy that product; they may buy another. They may buy nothing at all, but they may return at a later date, because they have remembered your brand. Engaging posts that resonate with your audience can significantly increase website traffic, indirectly boosting organic SEO. Here, I’ll share the art of crafting content that captivates and converts.

Authority and trustworthiness are pivotal in the eyes of search engines- we would most definitely recommend reading more about Google’s EEAT update.

And one way that you can improve your company’s Authority is to have millions of followers. A robust social media presence can elevate your brand’s stature, indirectly influencing your organic SEO rankings. This final section discusses how to build and leverage this authority effectively.


Consider this: social media is a stage, with billions of users of Facebook and Instagram where your content is good quality, such as blog posts people may share the link on their account or business pages.

The more people talk about it (share and mention), creating ripples that reach the shores of search engines- for example if a blog post gets mentioned on millions of Facebook accounts this is bound to improve the seo. While Google may not count a tweet or a Facebook post as a direct ranking factor, the subsequent buzz – backlinks, increased search queries, and brand visibility – plays a pivotal role in your SEO strategy.