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About Us

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Our Story

There are now so many seo agencies to choose from. However, we started the business to be different from the rest.

We are different because we will never use low quality forms of seo. So many seo agencies implement low quality methods, this results in the website incurring Google Penalties.

However, we will only ever use white hat methods.

We are also different in the sense that we do not use marketing jargon when it is not needed.

We instead explain our methods in a crystal-clear manner.

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Organic and Local SEO

We are local and organic seo specialists. We offer affordable prices.

White Hat Experts

We have SEO consultants that have over 10 years’ worth of experience. We are quite simply white hat seo experts.

Large and Small Businesses

No matter if you run a large business within Cardiff, or a small business we can help. We can offer affordable prices that are suitable for most sized businesses.


We have some of the most experienced SEO consultants working for us. We can therefore offer our expertise in terms of implementing quality seo, or as seo consultants advising your business.

Tell me, why should we choose your SEO agency above all the others?

So many online marketing agencies have fallen into the trap of competing on price.
This means that so many agencies have lost sight of implementing work that makes a real difference.
Instead a lot of agencies offer low prices, and then to justify that the are making a difference, they may turn to using automated low quality methods.
The truth is Google’s algorithm is now so advanced, and so sophisticated that if low quality methods are used, then a website will be penalised.
The penalties that can be issued do differ, however most businesses will have heard of Google Penguin and Google Panda penalties.
This is why so many businesses use Top Space instead. That’s because we do not cut any corners.
Its fair to say that when you are using white hat methods, which Google’s algorithm does approve of, then the optimisation process does take longer.
However when white hat methods are used, the website will not incur penalties, and therefore the business is not running the risk of the website being removed from Google.
So many businesses within Cardiff, both large and small use our agency because we simply have knowledge that is second to none.

SEO Experts

So many businesses choose Top Space because we have vast experience. We have seo consultants that have over 10 years’ worth of experience.

Content Marketing

We have content marketing experts that can write articles for your business. We then have technical seo experts who can optimise this work through alt tags, meta descriptions, meta titles and also internal backlinks

More Visitors = More Sales

Its fair to say that if your business receives more visitors, then it is likely to generate more sales. If your business needs to generate more sales, why not give us a ring?

Improve your businesses rankings

We can help your business to improve its rankings. Whatever type of business you run, we can help your business to improve its organic and local rankings

Social Media

We can help your business to use social media to help generate more sales

Clear Reporting

So many Cardiff SEO companies use confusing reporting in order to mask the seo performance. We are different, we do not use jargon, and we explain your website’s seo performance clearly and concisely.

Why does my business even need SEO?

SEO can help to increase your businesses sales. We can help companies to promote every aspect of their business.

SEO is a continuous process, yet a lot of the businesses that we work with, regularly inform us that it has become the only form of marketing that they require.

Many businesses also tell us, that by consolidating all of their marketing budget into just seo, this has saved the business money.

SEO can therefore be a cost-effective way of advertising a business’s goods or services.

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Why not find out more about our services today?

Our business specialises in both organic and local seo. If your business is based within the city of Cardiff, then why not give us a ring?


Local SEO

We are local SEO experts. We understand what ranking factors can help your business to rank higher locally. Whether your business requires business citations, or your business wants to learn more about the Google Pigeon update, we can help.


Organic SEO

We can optimise your website for multiple keywords. This means that when people are searching for the goods or services that your business offers, your business will appear higher.


We offer no obligation quotes

We can help businesses to reach the top of Google. We have an in-depth understanding of how Google’s algorithm works.

Some websites will need backlinks, others more content marketing. We can take a look at your businesses website, and then offer a marketing strategy so that your business can obtain higher rankings.

Many businesses use our white hat seo service, simply because we have experienced marketing consultants who work for us.

We will only ever use white hat methods.