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There is now so many forms of digital marketing that a business can invest in. This ranges from investing in social media advertising, right through to organic SEO.

So with all these different forms of marketing a business, well its no wonder that some business owners can often get quickly confused as to where they should spend their marketing budget.

So, we thought what was really needed was a blog post explaining what local seo is and how it can be used to help your business.

So here you have it, our comprehensive guide explaining what local SEO is.

What does local SEO mean?

Simply put, local SEO allows you to advertise your business on a local level. So when people are looking for the goods or services that your business offers locally, well your business can appear right in front of them on the first page of Google.

This is achieved through investing in SEO, which can mean that time is spent working out which phrases your business should appear for.

Then often a white hat seo company is used to optimise a businesses ranking signals.

Ranking signals can range from backlinks, right through to adding content marketing onto your website.

So for example, let’s say you run a law practice, and you specialise in family law. By working with a white hat digital marketing agency, they can get your website to appear for “family law solicitors + the name of the city or town” for example.

Google My Business (map listings)

Here’s the great thing about local SEO, your business could appear twice on the first page of Google.

That’s because your business could appear within the Google My Business results, and also within the organic business listings.

So a really good SEO company should be aiming to get your business to appear within both.

Why do SEO agencies keep referring to an “Algorithm”

Well, its Google’s algorithm which decides where a business ranks. That’s to say Google’s algorithm could place your website on the first page, that’s if the seo is really good, if its not then your business may appear on say page 10.

A really common question that we get asked is this, when a business gets to the first page of Google, can the business then stop paying for SEO?

So this means some businesses believe that once their business has climbed the ranks, it can then stay there and some businesses think that its no longer worth investing in SEO.

However, when a business does get to the first page of Google, well this is often when the business has to start working harder than ever to retain that position.

The reason being is there will often be a large amount of businesses that will want to take that position, so if their SEO is better than your businesses, then your business will be forced to move down.

This is often why seo businesses like ours, charge a fixed monthly fee.

Onsite SEO

A really important part of local seo is making sure your business onsite SEO is correctly optimised.

Although onsite SEO is often an ongoing process, i.e adding blog posts to the website, there are still many areas of a company’s website that need onsite seo implemented to improve the website.

For example, meta title and meta descriptions should be written for each page. Your seo agency should be able to recommend many ways that your companies onsite SEO can be improved.

This may well include:

·        Adding Schema mark-up

·        Alt tags

·        Meta titles and meta descriptions

·        Internal backlinks

·        Changing product or service descriptions

·        Adding blog posts

Keep it white hat

When shopping around for an SEO company to partner with, often all the various seo agencies will return a wide range of prices.

Some agencies may well be very cheap, yet some others may be so expensive that the quotes may come as a surprise to the business.

Yet, one thing is for sure, that is whichever business you choose, you have to make sure that the seo work implemented is white hat.

If the work is not white hat, then your business may incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

A penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty can mean that your companies website drops, so where it might have been on the first page of Google, it may drop to say page 11 of Google.

Also sometimes a business that has been hit by a penalty, can be removed altogether.

What are business citations?

If you invest in local seo, then you should hear your marketing agency talk about business citations.

This sounds complicated but in matter of fact it is not, business citations are just mentions of your businesses NAP information.

NAP stands for name of your business, the businesses address and also the businesses phone number.

Now this information should be on your website, then the same NAP details should be written for your business’s citations.

What are backlinks?

To help improve your businesses SEO, you will often need backlinks. The business will therefore need high-quality backlinks, these backlines must also be relevant to your business.

By relevant we mean that say for example you run a dental practice, well there’s no point in obtaining a backlink from say your accountant’s website, as this would not be a relevant backlink.

Can we help?

If your business requires further help with your SEO, then why not give us a ring?


Often when shopping around for an SEO quote for your business, you will undoubtably hear the term “backlinks” crop up time and time again.

That’s to say for a business to get onto the first page of Google often what is required is high-quality backlinks.

So, most business owners understand that they need backlinks, but a lot do not know what exactly they are or how to obtain backlinks.

Well, if such a questions are your mind you’ve come to the right place. We are white hat seo experts.

Why are backlinks so important?

Most businesses want to be appear on the first page of Google, yet do just that the business will need SEO in order to optimise the businesses ranking signals.

Now, there are over 200 ranking signals for each website, and you guessed it, the businesses that have the strongest ranking signals are the businesses that get ranked on the first page of Google.

Yet, with that said, its also worth knowing that not all ranking signals are worth the same.

This means that some ranking signals are more important than some others. Most seo companies think that backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals there is.

However, backlinks should always be built in a white hat way, and the backlinks must be of quality.

Quality backlinks

If a business was to build rubbish quality backlinks, well this means just one thing, and that is the websites likely to incur a penalty.

Most business owners will have heard of the Google Penguin updates, a lot of businesses will also know of a business that has received such a penalty.

It can often mean that the website drops substantially in terms of where it ranks, so for example, it may have been on the first page before the penalty, then after it may have been on page 10.

Also, some businesses will have been removed altogether.

This is why all businesses require quality backlinks. The backlinks should be built in a white hat way also.


So, what exactly are internal and external backlinks?

Internal backlinks are simply backlinks that when you click the link, the link will take you internally on that website.

So, let’s say for example you run a digital marketing agency, and a business owner is looking for an agency that offers local seo, well clicking on the button, or anchor text named “local seo” would be an example of an internal link.

External backlinks are what businesses need to help improve where the business ranks.

This means that more often than not the businesses that are ranked on the first page of Google will often have high-quality backlinks.

These backlinks will be external, meaning other websites have chosen to link to that website.

So let’s say for example you run a car dealership, and the car manufacturers website links to your website, well this would be an example of an external backlink.

The backlinks that seo companies like us are looking to build are high-quality backlinks that are do-follow.

Do-follow backlinks simply means the backlink sends link juice, and its link juice that can help to improve where a business ranks.

Yet, more often than not, the businesses that rank on the first page haven’t just got a few good quality backlinks, they will often have many good quality backlinks.

However, even though marketing agencies, and businesses are looking for good quality backlinks that are do-follow to help improve the businesses seo, its also important to have some no-follow backlinks as well.

Even though no-follow backlink don’t pass link juice, most seo agencies still want some no-follow backlinks simply because if a backlink profile just has do-follow backlinks, well it can look artificial.

Therefore white hat seo companies like us build both no-follow and do follow backlinks.

What exactly does anchor text mean?

So many businesses have incurred link penalties, such as a Google Penguin penalty because they have built low quality links. However, many businesses have received penalties because they have over-optimised the backlinks anchor text.

This means using both internal and external backlinks, the business may have used the same terms within the anchor text in an excessive way.

So for example, let’s say you run a skip hire business in a major city, you may have used “skip hire + city name” too much in the anchor text.

So the anchor text needs to be written in a white hat way. If you do not know what anchor text means, well its simply the word or sentence that you click on in order to follow a link.

This means you may well be on a recycling website, and they offer a link to a local skip hire business.

So the anchor text would be for example “skip hire company”.

How should our business be building backlinks?

We strongly recommend partnering with a white hat seo company in order to build backlinks for your business.

Yet, we also believe that the best way to obtain backlinks is to earn them, so what we mean by this is that you should offer really useful information on your website.

So for example, let’s say you run a solicitors practice, and you specialise in property law, well why not publish blog posts explaining what a person or couple should do when buying a home.

You could offer advice on how the home buying process works, how long it takes roughly for your business to handle the process. Also you could even offer rough estimates for how much your law practice charges.

Then people who read this blog post may wish to link to your work, so for example, a blog that offers advice about how to renovate your home may link to your website. This way you are obtaining backlinks.

However, with that said, your seo agency or your business must still check that the backlinks your business has are good quality. If your website has a lot of rubbish quality backlinks, then you should seek the advice of your seo company.


When most of think about SEO, we often think that it’s an area of marketing that’s super complicated. And its fair to state that certain areas of seo are complicated, like building backlinks or reducing a website bounce rate.

Yet, with that said we think that there are still loads of different ways a business that you can improve your businesses onsite seo, and it shouldn’t take an eternity.

And this got us thinking, which methods do we think can be implemented to improve a businesses onsite seo easily?

Well, we didn’t come up with just one or two suggestions, we come up with 8!

Adding blog posts

You can add blog posts to your website to improve your seo, yet you can also get it so wrong that it can also damage your businesses seo if you don’t know what you are doing.

So, you really do have to understand white hat seo, that’s before you go adding blog posts.

That’s to say we believe your business should follow these golden rules:

·        Don’t use content marketing that has been duplicated

·        High-quality, so aim to make the blog posts useful, such as offering good quality advice

·        White hat, so don’t keep mentioning the same words too often, also you must understand the white hat rules!

·        Relevant to your business

On top of all that, if you do write blog posts yourself, we would recommend you also seek the advice from a white hat marketing agency.

The reason for this is that quite often some businesses outsource some elements of their seo, and write the content marketing themselves.

However, here’s the thing, if the content marketing is not white hat, well it can result in a business incurring a penalty.

So, for example, let’s say you run a dental practice, and you want your business to rank higher for “dentists + city name”. If you do not implement white hat seo, you may over optimise the website, which can mean a penalty can be incurred.

So always consult with a white hat agency to obtain advice.

Internal backlinks

Let’s say your writing a blog post, yet you don’t want to deviate away from the main point of the blog post, yet you are citing some terms that a lot of people will not have a clue what they mean, well this is where internal backlinks can be useful.

For example, let’s say you run a solicitor’s practice, that specialises in employment law, and you offer advice regarding how to take your previous employer to court. Well, such a blog post is likely to have loads of terms to do with employment law that the average person will not have a clue what they mean, so why not use internal backlinks to highlight the terms?

This will then allow the reader to choose whether they wish to click the link and find out what the word means.

This can help your readers understand what complicated terms mean, yet it can also help to reduce your businesses bounce rate.

The bounce rate can be reduced because instead of a reader bouncing off the website, in order to find a better answer, they may stay on your website for longer.

And many leading digital marketing agencies think that if a visitor spends longer on a businesses website, then if this is sustained it can sometimes have a beneficial effect on the businesses rankings.

This is as opposed to a business that might have a very high bounce rate, and therefore the rankings may decrease as a result of having a high bounce rate.

Meta title and meta description

So, you may have a newly created website, and it looks like your web design agency have done a fab job, yet sometimes the most basic of seo elements may well be missing.

This means the website may look great, yet it may missing meta titles and meta descriptions.

And this is often a really simple fix, yet if don’t have the foggiest as to what meta titles and meta descriptions are, well let us explain.

Let’s say your looking for a new washing machine, so you search for “washing machines + brand name”.

Now you are presented with loads of businesses, some are PPC adds, well others are organic business listings.

So even though your SEO agency has done a brilliant job, and got your website onto the first page of Google, you still have to get people to click on your business.

This is often referred to as improving the businesses CTR, or click through rate. A great way of improving your businesses CTR is to write a good meta title and meta description, also to couple this with schema.

So, for example, returning back to our washing machine example, you may write something that will make the person want to click on your business, such as a special offer on a washing machine, or that you offer free delivery for example.


Separate pages

Sometimes a business is just in a rush to set a website up, so they go to a website designer and opt for an affordable option.

Yet, what might happen is the website designer just groups everything the business offers on one page on the website.

So for example, a plumber may offer many different services ranging from boiler repair to offering to fit an entire bathroom.

Therefore your seo company may recommend that for each service that the business offers, a separate page is created.

Mobile friendly

Your digital marketing agency should make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Easy to use

You and your marketing team should ensure that every aspect of the website is easy to use. What we mean by this is say its difficult to use your businesses shopping cart, because let’s say it doesn’t allow a shopper to return to the website if they’ve forgotten to purchase an item, well this could mean shoppers abandon the website.

This could cause a high bounce rate to occur, so your seo agency should work with your business to ensure that your website is easy to use.

Bounce rate

Your online marketing agency and your business should aim to reduce your websites bounce rate as far as possible.

If you would like any more white hat seo advice, then why not give us a ring?




If you’ve ever attended a meeting with your SEO company, well you are bound to have heard the term “Google Penguin” crop up time and time again.

Yet, often this term is crammed into sentences that are full of other marketing jargon! Yet, here at this marketing agency we like to explain things clearly, and we think as a business owner you should know a thing or two about the Google Penguin updates.

So, what exactly are the Google Penguin updates?

There are basically two types of SEO, there’s the marketing agencies like us that want to do a good job, these are more commonly referred to as the “white hat” agencies.

Then there’s the businesses that want to cut corners, that want to try and fool Google’s algorithm if they can. Yet these businesses are working on a knife-edge, that’s to say at any time their client’s websites could incur a penalty.

And that’s exactly what can happen if backlinks are built incorrectly. For example, there are some agencies that build backlinks in a white hat way, yet this does take a lot of time.

So, the black hat agencies, that’s the marketing companies that want to cut corners, well they may build backlinks which Google would deem as being low quality.

And its these links that the Penguin update is looking for. So, if your seo business builds a load of backlinks which are low quality, well you guessed it you are likely to receive a link penalty.

So, will I avoid a link penalty if we pay for a super expensive seo agency?

Price doesn’t really come into it, if the agency is implementing low quality seo, well that means the website may incur a penalty.

However, with that said, its worth bearing this in mind, if the seo company does charge low prices, then you have to ask yourself how much time really can they dedicate to building links.

Because believe us, building backlinks correctly it takes ages. So, in a way if you are offered a low seo quote, well you have to be even more diligent in checking that the backlinks being built are quality or not.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

So, if my website does receive a link penalty what does this mean?

Well one thing for sure, a link penalty should not be taken lightly. The reason for this is its not like a minor fine can be paid, and the link penalty is lifted.

No, instead Google will want the links to be removed or disavowed, and this should be done by an expert.

Yet with that said, because your website has been impacted by a Penguin update, this can often mean that the websites rankings drop, and sometimes a lot.

Also, Google can sometimes remove your business altogether.

What does it mean to disavow backlinks?

Disavowing links simply means a request sent to Google that your business wants to disconnect your businesses backlinks, from the website.

However, a few words of advice are needed before you do this, if disavow the wrong links, well its entirely possible that your rankings could decrease even more.

So, a word to the wise, speak to a respected white hat agency before your disavow any backlinks.


Why should my seo business be checking our backlinks?

Most seo businesses believe that there are in excess of 200 ranking signals, which Google calculates to work out how important your website is.

Yet, with that said its not like every ranking signal is worth the same, as they are not. That’s to say an alt tag is not worth the same as a high-powered backlink from a quality source.

And many leading digital marketing agencies believe that backlinks are the most important ranking that there is.

So, if your website accumulates loads of spam backlinks, or has low-quality backlinks, your seo agency should notify you of this.

As we mentioned earlier low-quality backlinks can result in a penalty, which can result in your website dropping in terms of where it ranks.

And to give you an example of how far some websites may drop, you may have a business that is ranked number one, then after a link penalty the website may end up on page 11 of Google.

So, if your business spots that your websites backlinks look low quality, then you should think about changing seo agencies and obtaining more advice from a white hat agency.



You’ve probably heard the term “backlinks” long before now- whether that was during a meeting at your marketing agency or perhaps you read it within your seo report, its therefore safe to say most people are already well acquainted with the term.

Yet, even though a lot of business owners will have heard of the term, they may not have the foggiest as to it means.

So, if you want to learn a bit more about backlinks, well, you’ve come to the right place.

What are backlinks?

Let’s say you are looking to purchase flights for your holiday, then you remember that you haven’t booked your car hire.

At what prompts you into thinking you haven’t booked a car is a advertisement at the top of your screen.

So, you click the advertisement, and your transported to the car hire website, and this means you have followed a backlink.

Backlinks are therefore useful as they help people that visit a website, to find another website that may be of use to them.

Yet, when we think of backlinks in the context of SEO, well backlinks then have a different purpose.

The reason being is this, the more quality backlinks your website obtains, the more “link-juice” is sent to your website.

Now its worth keeping this in mind, Google doesn’t just decide where your website should rank on your business’s backlinks alone.

No, the reason being is that most seo companies believe that Google takes into account over 200 ranking signals.

Yet, with that said out of those 200 ranking signals, backlinks are widely regarded as one of the most important signals.

So, in a nutshell, if you want your website to rank high on Google, often your business will need high quality and also relevant backlinks.

Quality backlinks

You may have already noticed the word “quality” crop up quite a few times within this article already.

And its important that we labour the point that quality is important when building backlinks. The reason that quality is important is if the links are low quality, then this can result in the business incurring a link penalty.

Google’s link penalty is referred to as “Google’s Penguin” penalty. The main reason that your business should always build quality links is because if low quality links are built a penalty could mean that your website drops.

Also, if the backlinks leading to your website are low quality or deemed as spam, then this could result in your website not being displayed in the serps.

SERP’s stands for search engine results pages, so basically means, if you run a dental practice and you were used to were business being displayed for “cosmetic dentists” after a link penalty its likely the business won’t be shown at all.


Here’s a top piece of advice, not only should the backlinks you build be high-quality they must also be relevant.

So by this we mean if you run a construction business, there’s no point in your local rugby club linking to your website.

Make sure your websites anchor text is optimised in a white hat way!

So many businesses incurred link penalties because their business, or their appointed seo business over optimised the companies anchor text.

What we mean by this is say you run an estate agency business, well the seo agency may have optimised too many links with the anchor text “estate agents + city”.

If you don’t know what anchor text means, well its really simple, the anchor text is just the text that you click on to follow a link.

So for example, if you see a link you can click on that reads “estate agents”- then the words estate agents will be the anchor text.

The anchor text should be written naturally, and by the word naturally we mean it should help the user to know where the link will take them, and not be words you just want to improve the websites seo for.

So for example, if the link takes the visitor to properties that have 3-bedrooms, then simply label the anchor text “properties with 3-bedrooms”.

How do you earn backlinks?

Remember the golden rule of link building, that is quality over quantity. Here at this marketing agency we believe that the best way to build backlinks is organically.

This simply means offer the best information that you can on your website. So for example, if you run a dental practice, then offer the best advice that you can about looking after your teeth.

If your content marketing is good quality, then other websites may wish to link to it. For example, a blog that’s talking about how to improve your smile may link to your article.

This way of building backlinks, by not asking anyone to link to you, but they do so on their own accord is the best way of building backlinks.

Yet, with that said your seo agency must still check on a regular basis that the backlinks that are being build are good quality.

Competitor backlink analysis

A lot of seo companies simply have a look at your competitors backlinks. This can be an effective strategy, as after all your competitors will be ranked at the top for a reason.

So, for example, a car dealership may well rank at the very top for a certain brand of car. So when the marketing agency has a look at that dealerships backlinks, they may discover that they have backlinks from websites which offer customer reviews.

Therefore, the marketing agency can then advise their client that they may wish to be on these customer review websites. This way a backlink can be earned and also the business has a chance to showcase its high levels of customer service.

How we can help

Does your business require assistance to build high-quality backlinks? Well, what you waiting for? Why not give us a ring today?




If your business is currently investing in SEO, well you’ve probably already come across the term “Panda update” long before now.

Sure, there’s loads of various SEO terms that a business may already know about, but the Panda update is an important one- so sit up and listen!

This blog post will help to enlighten you as to how the Google Panda update changed SEO, and how some businesses had to drastically change their marketing strategy as a result.

Which websites did the Panda update particularly target?

We always say that us digital marketing agencies can fall broadly into two categories, that’s the group that wishes to continuously cut corners, and then the group that wants to do the tasks properly.

The group of marketing agencies that repeatedly wants to cut corners, well often they market their services at really cheap prices, but there’s normally a good reason for this.

The reason is the marketing agency may write content marketing that is written to a low standard.

The work may well be duplicated, or repeat the same keywords too much, this is the sort of work that the Panda update will penalise.

By penalised we mean that the page may drop in terms of where it ranks, or that particular page on the website may not rank at all.

The main reason that a page or a website would drop is because the SEO work would be deemed low quality by Google’s algorithm. It is also possible for a website to receive a manual penalty.

There are loads of way’s that a website could be deemed “low quality”, but here are a few examples of rubbish seo that Panda is targeting:

Content thin

Ever been looking to buy something, say a new washing machine, and you find a website, yet then you find that the website just doesn’t offer enough information to allow you to purchase.

For example, you may wish to know how fast the washing machine spins at when drying your clothes, but the website just doesn’t offer the information you need.

So, these sorts of websites may just have a line of text as a product description, or sometimes no text at all, basically the seo effort is very poor, so the website may be deemed “content thin”.

If your website seems to be content thin, in terms of lacking information, then you should discuss this with a white hat online marketing agency.


Some seo companies simply implement spammy seo. What we mean by spammy is the website simply aims to rank as high as it can, yet the website doesn’t offer good quality information to visitors.

For example, imagine a solicitor’s website, that specialises in the area of divorce, you may want to know a bit about how the divorce process starts, and a bit about that practice.

Yet, a website with spammy seo, well when you land on the website, it may just show “divorce solicitors + city name” repeatedly, that’s well mentioning loads of different cities.

So, the attempt by the seo business was to try and get the website to rank within multiple cities, but in reality, the content isn’t useful to potential customers, so this sort of website would have been affected by Panda.

Instead the website should have focused on offering good quality information to potential customers.

Where the business is based should have been optimised using white hat methods, such as optimising the businesses NAP information.

Duplicated content

If a website was to copy another businesses content marketing, then this can mean that the business could be affected by Panda.

A business should not use duplicated content.

So how should our business be creating content marketing?

Here’s the three things that we believe your business should concentrate on when writing content marketing


The work must be quality focused, and by using the word “quality”, we mean useful. So, for example, if you are writing a blog post about how to prevent tooth decay, make the article as in-depth, as interesting and as engaging as you possibly can.

By making the work detailed Google will be able to pull out the relevant facts regarding tooth decay.

Google can then match the words with its Knowledge Graph, often SEO’s refer to this matching of related things, which SEO’s call “entities”.

As you can see Google will know that tooth decay is one entity, tooth paste is another and by offering advice on protecting the enamel of the teeth the structure that makes a tooth, would be another.

So, as you can see, if you write a comprehensive article, that offers a lot of advice, then is likely to rank better.

Answer the question

So many seo agencies write articles to a set 500-word count, and do not care about the quality of the advice that the marketing agency is dispensing.

For example, the marketing agency may well be representing a dentist, so they may produce an article on what to do if your tooth was knocked out, resulting in a dental emergency.

Well the SEO company may only have the intention of getting people to call that dental practice, and therefore target the phrase “dental emergency + area”- yet this is likely to be an article that is very shallow in terms of its purpose.

When in reality someone may not want to go to that dental practice, they may well be looking for reliable advice as to what they should do if their tooth has been knocked out.

As you can see offering quality advice is important, aiming to just improve the businesses SEO should be secondary to offering quality advice.


The content marketing work should be relevant to your business.  

Google’s set of questions

If you wish to read more about the Google Panda update, we would recommend these two articles.


Does your business require help with its SEO? If so, why not give us a ring?


If you’ve recently been visiting various digital marketing agencies, well you will know all too well that some just spout marketing jargon for the mere sake of it.

What can happen is some business owners come out of a meeting with more questions than answers.

Recognising the need that the business needs to invest in local seo, yet now wondering what business citations and NAP stands for.

But do not worry, you haven’t got to go back to those agencies that sound like they are reading from a marketing jargon textbook.

No, that’s because we offer a different approach, we explain things simply. So, let’s start by explaining what NAP means and how this is crucial to the success of your businesses seo.

What does NAP mean?

NAP stands for name of the business, its address and phone number, it really isn’t any more complicated than that!

Where it does get a bit more complex is how you should use this NAP information to improve where your business ranks locally.

So for example, if you’re a solicitor, dentist or a plumber you will want your business to be ranked at the top of Google.

And your seo agency should therefore be using your businesses NAP information in order to improve where your business ranks.

However, before we continue its worth mentioning this, and that is NAP is not the only thing that your seo company should be working on.

The reason being is this, Google’s algorithm takes into account over 200 ranking signals, that’s when working out which website is best.

So, as you can imagine, optimising your businesses NAP information is only a small fraction of the seo work that is often needed. Yet, optimising the NAP information correctly is a vital component of any seo marketing strategy.

Getting your NAP details right onsite

First things first, you have to get your NAP details right onsite. Now you might be thinking, how can a business get the NAP information wrong on their own website, but believe us some do.

The most common issues are often when the NAP information is written into an image. The reason being is Googlebot will struggle to read the NAP information, so instead you should write it in plain text.

Using plain text will allow Googlebot to read the NAP information, and therefore update the algorithm with your businesses NAP information.

Also, its worth asking a digital marketing agency to mark-up the NAP information using Schema.

Why its important to optimise your Google My Business listing

Once your business has the NAP information written on your website, we would recommend the next best step is to optimise your businesses Google My Business listing.

You should optimise your Google My Business listing by making sure the NAP information matches your website.

Your should write a detailed business description, you should also add as much description as possible.

The reason for all this work is simple, your business will want to displayed in the Google local business listings, so you stand a much better chance if you have spent the extra time filling in your Google My Business listing as much as you can.

Why your business should use a local phone number

So many businesses just state a mobile phone number, and with good reason and that’s because an emergency plumber may have no other option than to use his or her mobile number.

But if you do have the choice, then use your landline number instead. Most digital marketing agencies believe that its better to optimise your website using a local phone number, than a mobile number.

What is Schema?

Schema is a structured language, this means that Googlebot will know your businesses name, address and phone number easily if you mark-up the text using schema.

As you can imagine, there’s loads of information on your company website, from its opening hours, to how the business started. So, by adding Schema you are helping Googlebot to save time, and quickly check your businesses NAP information.

What are business citations?

Business citations are simply mentions of your businesses NAP information on other websites. We would highly recommend writing your businesses NAP information on quality websites such as Facebook.

We would therefore recommend setting up a business profile, and adding NAP information to a Facebook page. You can also create business citations on other quality websites.

Can we help?

If your business requires help with its online marketing, then why not give us a call?


If you run a business you will know that most businesses now face fierce levels of competition.

That’s to say in the past some businesses may have got by investing in a bit of marketing.

Yet now that the level of competition has increased, well most businesses have to invest in digital marketing.

And this is where seo agencies like ours come in. Yet we are truly different from so many agencies out there, simply because we don’t over complicate things with tons of complicated marketing jargon.

We explain things clearly, so if your business is looking to improve its local seo, this blog post will help you.

Here’s a seven step plan to help you improve your businesses SEO


#1 Obtain your Google My Business account 

One of the first things you have to do is obtain your Google My Business listing. This is really easy to do, and if you follow the link here you can start creating a Google My Business listing straightaway.

A GMB listing is essential if you want your business to be shown in the GMB results. And we would also recommend that you spend the time to make sure you complete your GMB listing and don’t miss out any important parts.


Make sure you get the following right:

·        Ensure that the businesses name, address and phone number matches with your businesses website

·        Write a detailed business description

·        Make sure your businesses opening hours are listed

·        Add pictures of your business, such as the store front


#2 Reviews on Google My Business

If you have loads of customers saying how good your business is, well, why not capitalise on this?

You could ask your customers if they would be willing to leave your business a review on your companies Google My business account, this can also help your companies SEO.

However, don’t write fake business reviews yourself, the reason being is Google’s algorithm is super clever, it will know that the business reviews are fake.

This means that your business stands a much lesser chance of being shown in the local business listings.

We also advise only to ever use white hat seo methods.


#3 Use structured data, such as Schema

Say for example your business is a car dealership, so your going to most probally


 #4 Add quality content marketing

It’s essential if you want to improve your businesses local seo, that your business invests in quality content marketing.

Most businesses therefore pay an seo business to add content marketing to their website on a regular basis.

However, here’s a few words of advice, the content marketing must be quality. The work should be relevant to your business, and it should aim to help your customers.

For example, if you run a dental practice, well there’s no point in just banging-on about how brilliant your dental practice is. To see real seo benefits you have to offer quality work, so for example you may wish to write a piece of content marketing about how to relieve tooth pain, or what you should do if you have sensitive teeth.


#5 Technical SEO

Once you have your brand-new website back from the website designers, you may think that most of the technical seo work will already be done for you.

However, a lot of the time the website design agency will have focused just on design, that’s to say its then a process of the seo agency implementing seo from scratch.

This means we will often have to add:

·        Meta titles and meta descriptions

·        Alt tags

·        Make sure that each page has sufficient word count and will not be deemed “content thin”

·        Make sure that NAP information can be read

·        Make sure that the website loads quickly

·        The website optimised for mobile devices

·        And loads more seo work is normally required

#6 (NAP) Business citations

Your SEO business should make sure that your website clearly displays your businesses NAP details.

NAP stands for name, address and phone number for the business. The NAP information should then be copied and used in the business’s citations.

All SEO work must be white hat, so if you are in any doubt do consultant with a white hat digital marketing agency.


#7 Make sure that you refresh your knowledge on regular basis

Some people learn a bit about SEO, but then let their knowledge stagnate. This can be the same story for some marketing agencies, that’s to say some businesses take the attitude that what works now, but work in the future.

This simply isn’t true, that’s because Google is constantly improving its algorithm, this means on a regular basis changes are made to how agencies should implement seo.

Simply put if you let your seo knowledge stagnate, then it’s entirely possible that you could be implementing seo which is now deemed low quality and could result in a penalty.

If your business requires help with its seo, then why not give us a ring?


If your business has just started to invest in SEO, well you’ve probably now got a long list of things that need doing to help improve your website.

Yet, all those various pieces of SEO work normally have rather confusing names, that’s to say often they are described using marketing jargon.

But do not worry, as we are here to help. Within this article we going to explain what schema is and how it can help your business.

Unstructured data

Let’s say for example we are looking to purchase a holiday abroad, but first we want to learn more about the destination.

So, we may read about the local area, things you can do when your there and various places you can eat. This information will normally be very descriptive, often written in a text format.

Yet all this information will be written for us humans, and sometimes the search engines can therefore have a hard time figuring what that particular blog post is all about.

However, with that said Google is now very clever at deciphering what a website is about. The Google Hummingbird update in particular allows Google to understand the meaning of a website a lot better.

The reason being is many SEO consultants believe that Hummingbird and Google’s Knowledge Graph now allow Google to extract meaning a lot better. The reason being is Google knows how things connect.

For example, if your researching a trip to certain part of Spain, Google will know that certain tourist attractions are popular at that location, and that a lot of people visit certain restaurants.

So, when these attractions and restaurants are mentioned in a blog post, Google will understand the different places, which we in SEO we call “entities”. Therefore, Google will know that you are talking about an area in Spain.

Yet, there’s ways that we can still help the search engines further, and that’s by marking-up certain elements of your website using schema.

So, for example, many businesses mark-up using schema the following information on their website:

·        Businesses address, phone number and name (NAP information)

·        Star rating in terms of how positive the customers reviews are

·        Opening hours

Using schema allows you to mark-up unstructured information and make this information structured using schema mark-up.

This can help your businesses SEO, the reason being is that Googlebot will be able to instantly know key information regarding your business if it is marked up using Schema.

Then say for example the restaurants star rating may show up within the serp’s. Plus say someone was in Spain at that location, and they ask Google where is a local traditional Spanish restaurant, well Google will have greater confidence in where a the local businesses are if the website uses schema.

Schema is just one part of the seo process

Sometimes on some seo companies’ websites they describe schema as something that can dramatically boost your businesses seo to another level.

However, in reality Google, and some other search engines take into account over 200 pieces of information, called “ranking signals” when working out how important your website actually is.

So, in a nutshell schema is just one part of the seo puzzle.

This means if you want your business to get onto the first page of Google, many other ranking signals will need to be optimised as well.

Schema, rich snippets and helping your business to standout

Even when your seo agency gets your business onto the first page of Google, you still have to try and make your business standout.

Most business owners know that the business listings that get clicked the most on Google are the ones right at the top.

But say someone is searching for a hotel, and they want to find one that has really good reviews, well a business listing at the bottom of Google, that has a good star rating in the SERP’s, well this is likely to stand out from the crowd.

So, you got it, schema can be used to make your business stand out from the crowd, and sometimes obtain more clicks on your businesses listing because Schema allows your business listing to display more information, in this case the businesses star rating.

CTR, click through rate

Therefore a lot of marketing agencies use schema mark-up to improve how many people click on the business listing.

Sure, it’s all well good having a well written meta title, and meta description, yet having schema added so you can display say your businesses star rating for example, well this may well give your business the edge over the competition.

How do you add schema mark-up to a website?

Adding schema to your website has never been so easy, that’s because Google’s Structured Data Mark-up Helper makes it super easy to add schema to your website.

Local SEO

As any good seo company should tell you, it’s important that your businesses NAP information is clearly written on your website.

For example, you should mark-up your businesses name, address and phone number using schema.

Then you should create plenty of good quality business citations with the help from a white hat agency.

If this seo work is implemented correctly, then it can really help your businesses seo.