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A large chunk of time is spent by a lot of marketing agencies writing content marketing, perhaps they also produce infographics, and also embed a YouTube video, where presenters explaining the benefits let’s say of owning a certain product.

Now you might think why is my marketing agency spending so much time producing blog posts, YouTube videos and infographics?

Especially if you’re not going to see results straightaway, and what we mean by that is that if you write a really good blog post, let’s say that you publish it today on your website, you might not see the benefits in terms of the organic search engine optimisation uplift, in terms of where you rank for let’s say three months or perhaps even longer.


So why go through all of this effort?

Well, the answer is simple, when you add a lot of quality content marketing, it might in some instances take over a hundred pieces of work, but eventually if the work is really high quality, you will start to improve where you rank on Google.

And obviously regardless of which business sector you are in, whether you’re a solicitor, the hairdresser or perhaps an accountant you’re going to want to rank on Google as highly as you possibly can.

We would go so far as saying that it near on impossible, to get any business on the first page of Google, without the business first having added high quality blog posts, evergreen content marketing and to make sure that item such as the product descriptions, I well written.

So how exactly does content marketing help to improve a business’s search engine optimisation


Rank higher

The most obvious benefit is businesses will simply want to rank higher Google, now let’s say that you sell example ice hockey skates, your business to get on the first page of Google for ice hockey skates you’re going to need to publish a lot of really useful guides about ice hockey skates.

For example, you might want to write a guide, on how to correctly sharpen your ice hockey skates, you might wish to write about the best places to buy ice hockey skates, you might wish to write about a brand of ice hockey skates the just released a brand-new product.

When you start to add content marketing which really explains the benefits of owning certain products, new also answer questions that your customers frequently ask you, then you can start to improve your businesses organic search engine optimisation.


Must be original

When a lot of businesses start to try and improve the businesses SEO sometimes, they make the mistake of trying to cut corners, what we mean by trying to cut corners is sometimes will be trying to Do is content marketing from another website, if you were to copy and paste work from another website this will massively damage your businesses search engine optimisation.

Instead work needs to be super high quality, it needs to be original, you do need to spend a great deal of time writing it, to make sure that the work is high quality, well researched and you should also take the time to ask experts for their opinions so that they can also contribute to the article, for example we are obviously an SCO agency, but we might be talking about something to do with web design, because we are not exported web design we could talk to web design companies we know to gain their advice, and this could be written into the article.


It does take time; you do have to be very patient

This is the thing that a lot of business owners need to appreciate, that whether they are paying an agency to do the work, or they are writing the content marketing themselves, you can’t expect miracles overnight. Line so what we mean by this is you might spend a considerable amount of time writing a 3000-word article, you’ve done a lot of research, you add internal links, you’ve added titles, you’ve also proofread the work so that it reads correctly, in total you might’ve spent let’s say over 50 hours writing this work in total.

Therefore, you might be expecting your businesses SEO to massively improve overnight, however seo doesn’t work like this at all, in matter of fact the one article that you have written might have little or no effect on your SEO for a long period of time, that’s because often you have to write potentially hundreds of articles in order to give your SEO a serious uplift in terms of where your business ranks.

Therefore, those expect by writing just one article, that your SEO is going to substantially improve, because sometimes it will not.

What is often needs to happen is you need to write a lot of articles, covering a range of different subjects to do with your business, for example if you are plumber you might write about how to fix a leaking tap, the following week you might write an article about what to do with your central heating loses pressure, and a warning light is displayed on the boiler. The following week you might write an article about what to do if you think that your pipes become frozen and burst within your house.

When you start to write all of these articles become very clear that your business is a plumbing business and therefore if you have done this work to weigh high standard, and by that we mean it’s white hat then your search engine optimisation should start to improve.



Here’s our best piece of advice that we can offer you, regardless of which business sector you are in, you obviously will have a keyword you want to rank higher for.

For example, let’s say that you manufacture ice cream, you might want to rank for ice cream retailers in Wales.

We might want to simply rank for ice cream Wales.

Alternatively, you might want to rank for luxury ice cream Wales.

But here’s the thing that you need to bear in mind, if you write content marketing which is superb quality, then you should start to improve where your business for a huge number of different keywords, so don’t just focus on one keyword or three keywords, instead focus on writing content marketing with really explains why your product is high quality.

For example, you may wish to talk about the cream that goes into your ice cream, and this is brought from dairy farmers in the south-west of England and is produced by a certain type of Which produces a high quality milk.

Therefore, what you should focus on is what differentiates your product, what makes it very high quality, then talk about this in your content marketing. This way you will be telling your potential customers about what makes your product such high quality. By doing this you will be helping your customers to better understand your product, but also this will help to improve your businesses online marketing, because it will be clear that because you are regularly talking about luxury ice cream, using quality ingredients that you are retailer of quality ice cream Wales.


Add internal links

When you’re writing content marketing, let’s say numerous blog posts for your website, it’s likely that some of the articles which you have written will slightly overlap, for example let’s say that you sell car waxes and you specialise in the business of selling quality car waxes, these car waxes are meant for high-value and performance, as well as classic cars.

Now you are writing an article about how to apply car wax to let’s say a Jaguar motor vehicle, and you want to also mention how to remove a scrap from a door, however you understand that last week you wrote a detailed article explaining how to remove a scratch from a door panel on your car.

So rather than having to write the advice again of how to remove the scratch from the door, what you could simply do is link to the article which you have written last week, this doesn’t just help your readers, it can also help improve your marketing, because it starts to become clear that the products which you are retailing are all to do with how to look after your car, how to repair the paintwork and how to really thoroughly clean the inside of cars.

It’s therefore really crystal-clear that the products you sell are to do with looking after your car.



How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency



Picking the right digital marketing agency for your business is most definitely no walk in the park, that’s for sure.

For starters, the different agencies can offer wildly different prices, some can offer prices starting from say £300 a month, and then others might not take on any companies for less than £7000 a month.

Prices aside, it then boils down to the level of experience the agency has, have they just set their business? Or are they an experienced agency that’s been around for say the last 10 years?

There are so many things to think about when picking a marketing company, and you need to carefully choose  your SEO company.

Some companies will do simply brilliant job, and in a relatively short period of time you might start to see really good solid results.

However, some other companies, they might not do such a good job, they might cut corners, they might even get the business a penalty which means that the drop down the ranks substantially.

So, there is loads to think about when picking a digital marketing agency, to help you with your decision process, we thought we would give you some ideas of some of the things that you might wish to consider.

Before we go on any further, we would say this, which ever agency you choose, whether it’s a freelancer working from home or whether you pick one of the top agencies in London, all of the work must be top quality, it must be white hat.

We would say most definitely don’t bother with the really cheap prices, and don’t hire any business that will cut corners, simply because it will result in your business in incurring a penalty, which simply means that your business search engine optimisation could become damaged.



Have a chat with their current clients

A really good digital marketing agency should be working with a large number of local businesses, if they’ve been offering their services for a really long time, then they should have many happy clients.

So, we would say to ask your digital marketing agency, as if you can speak to any of their current clients.

Some agencies are happy to hand over perhaps an email address or phone number to one of their current clients, and then you can arrange to have a quick chat with them, and you can start to then get a good idea of what the marketing agency is capable of in terms of delivering search engine optimisation results.



Business Reviews

Why not have a look at the business’s reviews? If the business hasn’t got any reviews at all it could be an indication that they have just started their business, and therefore don’t really have a proven track record of improving many businesses search engine optimisation, because, lets say the marketing company may have only been running for lets say 1 year.

At this point, you might want to go for a more experienced SEO company, that has worked with many more businesses, and is therefore likely to have many more positive reviews.

You might want to go the extra mile, and you might spot the the companies names that’s left a positive review on Google My Business, let’s say the business review has been left one year ago, you might wish to contact that company directly, and see if you can have a quick chat with them, to see if this still happy with how the digital marketing company is performing.

You might find that even though they’ve left the positive business review let’s say a year ago, they might have left using that company because let’s say a member of staff left the company, and somebody replace them, and they may have noticed that the SEO results went downhill after that.

So, it is a good idea to call around, see if their current clients are willing to have a chat, so that you can see if they are still happy or not with the service they are being offered.



Get a cast iron guarantee that they will use white hat methods

You want an absolute cast-iron guarantee, from which ever agency you hire, that they will only ever use white hat methods, because if they use low quality SEO methods, this could damage the SEO, and it could mean that it’s very hard to recover from.

So, many businesses choose various agencies, because they offer unbelievably low prices, but sometimes there’s a reason why the prices that they offer are so cheap, because sometimes the company cut corners.

If they do cut corners, and use low quality methods of SEO, then the SEO will become damaged, and this means there could take a very long period of time to recover from.

When we say could take a long time to recover from, we mean years sometimes before the SEO even regains to where it used to be.

So, for example, let’s say that you hire an SEO agency, that doesn’t do a very good job at all, they actually build low quality backlinks and this then results in your business incurring a link penalty, well it could take years to recover from a link penalty, this is what we mean by should carefully consider which SEO company you hire could you only want to purchase high quality work.

Any marketing company which chooses to cut corners, in terms of offering low quality seo work, could result in their clients incurring an algorithmic penalty from Google, and you most definitely want to avoid incurring a manual or algorithmic penalty, because it could substantially damage your SEO for a very long period of time.





You might have been reading endless blog posts on many marketing websites, and you might have noticed that, they keep mentioning backlinks. Therefore, you have noticed that backlinks are indeed a very important part of the search engine optimisation process.

So, now you want to learn how to build backlinks, well you’ve most definitely come to the right place that’s for sure. This article will now explain how to go about building high-quality do follow backlinks for your business.


What are backlinks exactly?

Backlinks are simply links from one website to another, so let’s say that an airline also owns a chain of hotels, so after you have booked a flight, the website may ask, do you want to also book a hotel?

Then when you click the word hotel, you are taken to a another website, therefore you have used a backlinks to go from the airlines website, over to the hotel website.

Backlinks therefore are really useful to shoppers, because they allow them to quickly go to another company website with just one click of the mouse.

But backlinks can also be very useful, when a business wants to improve its search engine optimisation.


How can quality backlinks help a business, to improve its search engine optimisation?

Quite simply put, it doesn’t matter if you run a solicitor’s practice, or let’s say that you run an airline, the more backlinks you have, which are quality links, these will help to improve your company’s online marketing.

So, for example let’s say there are two competing airlines, both want to rank for low-cost airlines United Kingdom, if one has substantially more do follow, quality backlinks, then that website will be deemed to have stronger search engine optimisation. Therefore, this simply means, that that website is likely to rank higher in the search results, simply because it has better quality backlinks.


But how important are backlinks?

Well, the truth is, you could spend forever and a day say constantly trying to improve a business’s meta titles and meta descriptions, so that in the click through rate improves. However, the problem with this is, improving meta titles and meta descriptions is unlikely to really have a dramatic effect on your businesses search engine optimisation.

However, with that said, having a lot of really, top quality backlinks, from website such as the BBC, well they can have a dramatic effect on your businesses search engine optimisation, that’s because if you have a lot of really top-quality links, then this can mean that your business moves up the ranks, sometimes by quite a lot depending on how many quality links you to have.

So, to answer the question, how important are quality backlinks, in terms of improving a business’s search engine optimisation, well the answer to that question is simple they are very important, because if you have a lot of do follow backlinks, and you are likely to see your search engine optimisation improve.


What is anchor text?

So, the actual text that you click on in order to follow a link, often this text is bald, which is a different colour from the rest of the text, the text which is highlighted or a different colour is what is called the anchor text. The anchor text might be something as simple as text which just reads click here, or it might be more descriptive such as quality ski boots for under hundred pounds.

What is important is that the anchor text is written in a white hat way, what we mean by white hat is you must follow search engine optimisation best practice, and you should write the anchor text so that it is useful to your shoppers, so by that we mean it should accurately describe the page it links to.

So, for example let’s say that you sell surfboards, and you sell a range of different surfboards, you might wish to use the brand of the surfboard plus the word surfboard.

However a lot of businesses simply make the mistake of thinking, well we want to rank for low-cost surfboards, and then they right into their anchor text low-cost surfboards every single time, so across the whole website they have let’s say 1000 anchor text which all read low-cost surfboards, obviously this is not good search engine optimisation, it’s likely to result in the business incurring a penalty, because instead of accurately describing where the page leads to, such as the brand of surfboard, instead if overused the description low-cost surfboards.

So, the anchor text needs to be diversified, and by we mean the anchor text should accurately describe the page it links to. So, if the page that you are linking to is on say a family law websites, and you are linking to the page which offers mediation services, you should use the anchor text mediation services.

A really low-quality online marketing agency might overuse the anchor text “divorce solicitors”, to try and improve the businesses search engine optimisation, yet this won’t work, it is likely that the business if it over uses the same anchor text time and time again, will just mean that the business simply incurs a penalty, that’s because the overused the same anchor text too much.

Therefore, the anchor text needs to be diversified, and it needs to accurately describe the page or the blog post that it is are linking to.


So how do you go about building high-quality backlinks?

We think that the best way that any business can build quality backlinks, is simply by taking the time to create top quality content marketing. So, for example it doesn’t matter if you are a solicitor, hairdresser or builder, you should create content marketing, which is well written which your customers are likely to find very interesting to read and useful. Therefore, if this work is really high quality and it offers superb quality advice then this likely to be linked to.


So, what you are saying is, if you publish high-quality blog posts other businesses might link to you?

That’s exactly right, for example, you could run a solicitor’s practice, and one of your solicitors write a brilliant article let’s say it 10,000 words, and talks about changes which are happening to the divorce process, other solicitors practices when they writing their own blog posts might read that blog post and think that’s really good, and they might want to link to it, and that’s especially if the business is in an opposite part of the country so that really then not competing for customers.

For example, a solicitor’s practice in Wales might link to a solicitor’s practice in London, because they know that not many of their customers are going to come from that area, so even though they’re helping the other businesses search engine optimisation, by linking to that work, they really not in competition because they are too far apart geographically.

However, because the solicitor has seen that that other solicitor practice has published brilliant quality work, they might want to link to it because they know that their customers might want to read it.

So, by publishing top quality content marketing you might start again a lot of quality backlinks.


Why should a business never purchase backlinks?

We would never recommend, purchasing any backlinks at all, we would never recommend purchasing backlinks for the simple reason that, if you were to buy backlinks then this can result in the business incurring a penalty. Every backlink, whether it is do follow or whether it is no follow shouldn’t be purchased, it should be earned.


What are external backlinks?

Now a common mistake, that some businesses make, is thinking that an internal backlink, is worth the same, as an external backlink. However, a top quality, do follow backlink, from a website, such as the BBC, or other quality websites, can have a dramatic effect on a business’s search engine optimisation, in terms of it can really help to positively improve the businesses search engine optimisation, if the backlinks are external, high-quality, do follow and also the anchor text has been written in a white hat way.

Don’t get us wrong, internal backlinks are important, they help the pages on your website to get crawled and indexed, however if you really want to make a massive improvement to your businesses search engine optimisation (SEO), then what you need is a lot, sometimes hundreds, sometimes even thousands or sometimes in highly competitive business sectors, sometimes you will need millions, of quality, do follow, backlinks which have been built in a white hat way.


Are external backlinks easy to build?

Most definitely not, an internal backlink is an absolute piece of cake to build, if you’ve got a WordPress website, you don’t even need any coding knowledge you can simply log into the WordPress dashboard, and you can simply use the text editor, to highlight the text, you could make it bald you could change the colour of the text to make it the anchor text, then you could add an internal link on your website to any page or blog post you want.

However, with that said building external backlinks, well that is much harder to do, because other businesses, they need to link to your company website, the only reason that they would do this is because they see the work that you have published is good quality. For example, let’s say that your company manufacturers very high quality car waxes, scratch removers, plus also springs which you can spray onto the glass to clean it within your car, a business which restores and sells high-value classic cars, may see that you sell high quality products, and that you offer quality advice on how to apply those waxes to the car.

Because the quality of the product is so good, plus you offer quality advice on how to apply the, wax, the business which restores and also sells classic cars, may link to your products, because they recognise it as a very high-quality product.

They may link to a page which says how to remove a scratch from a car door, therefore they have a read the article that you have written, they see it as a good quality piece of writing, and therefore have chosen to link to it. Therefore, backlinks should be earned and never bought.



This is of course one of the most common questions that any agency like ours, is likely to get asked, that’s because of course you don’t want to be forking out for a long period of time on your marketing, before the sales start rolling in.

However, as this article will illustrate, it’s not a straightforward to say when a company will land on the first page of Google, that’s because it can’t be answered with a precise date.

For example, there are a huge number of factors which need to be considered, namely, how strong are is your competitors search engine optimisation?


The next thing consider is how long have your competitors been investing for?

If they have been investing for an extended period of time, let’s say seven years, in terms of improving their seo, well, as you can imagine, to catch up that’s going to take a very long period of time for a start-up company to catch up with those businesses which have been investing for a long period of time.


Has the company purchased low quality seo in the past?

Then you have to consider whether the company has gone to an agency in the past, that hasn’t done a very good job of the seo, any of that work will need redoing?

What we mean by fixing, is that those areas may need rectify before any new seo work is completed , but you not going to see the site’s seo fixed overnight, that’s because sometimes Google might have deemed the website as low quality, so to redeem yourself in terms of where you rank will sometimes take a long period of time.


Then there’s the website design itself, is it any good?

Does the site need to be redesigned? If it needs to be redesigned, or substantial improvements made, and sometimes some web design agencies move at a slow pace, they might take six months to get the website back, before the marketing agency can start working on improving the organic seo, so this is something us to consider.

There is so much to consider, but this article should start give you some ideas for how long it might take to get your company on the first page of Google.


So how long does seo take?

Well, what we would say to this question, is very much depends on which business sector your businesses in.

As a very broad example, we would say for local seo it can take up to 6 months to start seeing some real results sometimes, but again is very much depends on how strong your competitors are, for example for solicitors it might take way longer than six months to see results, but for another business let’s say a company which installs garage doors, because competitions lower you can expect to see results in less than six months.


What about national seo?

Because the level of competition is much higher on a national basis, we would say normally it takes around 12 months to see results.

But this is just an average and just to give you a rough idea of how long it might take, for example in hugely competitive business sectors, for example car insurance, this can take much longer than 12 months.

Equally on the other hand let’s say that, it’s a low competition business sector, let’s say the business is setting up a window cleaning business in our relatively small town, the seo agency might get the business on the first page and say three months.

So very much depends on the level of competition.


What you really need to ask is how can success be measured?

Now, we’ve been in the business for a very long time, so we’ve seen seo reports which can quite simply be a load of marketing waffle.

Full of graphs, statistics, and dials pointing at whether the website’s seo is deemed as red, green, or yellow and sometimes some of these reports, sometimes can be an absolute load of rubbish.

So, what you really need to do is have a conversation with your agency on how you and your agency are going to measure success.


What would we recommend?

Well, we would recommend measuring success on where your business ranks for certain keywords. Not rubbish keywords, but keywords which are important to your business, so for example if you are a solicitor specialising in the area of divorce, then obviously the keywords will be divorce solicitors or family lawyers plus the name of the city.


Next you need to consider organic traffic

When you focus on organic traffic, you must think this kind of like if you own a shop, you will want to bring in customers there are likely to purchase from you.

So, let’s give you an example, let’s say the business specialises in selling sports cars, yet your marketing company gets the marketing totally wrong, and on a certain day where you are running a promotion on a new model of car, they bring in let’s say 1000 people into the car dealership that really don’t want to purchase a car, they just want to look at it and test drive that new luxury and high-performance car.

So these might be considered visitors to your car dealership, that won’t convert into you making a sale, so from a business perspective they are not the visitors to your car dealership that you want, because you obviously want to sell more cars.

However, on the other hand the marketing company that does a real good job, let’s say they personally phone people where their car leases are coming to an end, and they ask those customers to come in for a test drive a new model of car that’s just been released for sale, well you are likely to generate more sales. Because those customers have purchased from you before, so therefore more likely to purchase from you again.

So obviously these are likely to be more loyal customers, they are likely to be interested in the products that you are selling therefore your sales staff are more likely to generate the sale.

That’s opposed to bringing say 1000 people that all walk around a high value sports car, want also test drive it, but might not necessarily any intention of purchasing the car.

So, this is the same with your website, you going to want to bring in organic traffic that is likely to make a purchase.


Level of competition

We mentioned earlier about the level of competition that your business faces, and by far this has the biggest bearing on how quickly you can start to see results from your search engine optimisation.

For example, if the competition is weak, then we could leapfrog them in a short period of time.

If however you are setting up the car insurance firm, and you going up against companies which have invested millions then to start seeing results from your seo will take a much longer period of time.



This is another really important point, because sometimes some businesses have a go at improving their seo themselves and sometimes make it complete mess of it, and get the website penalised and this means that is a huge amount of work just to recover the penalty.

So, this is not like starting from the starting line, it’s like starting 10 miles behind, and then you need to do a lot of work just get the starting blocks.

So, if the website has a lot of spam links, the business may have a link penalty the content marketing might have been rubbish also, in terms of it could be keyword stuffed, we might even have hidden text, which seo agencies call cloaking, you most definitely should not use any of these methods because they will result in your business getting a penalty.

Cloaking is writing hidden text on your website, so as mentioned, there are a huge range of ways a marketing company could actually damage your businesses seo, and sometimes, the businesses seo could be so damaged to the point where your business could be seriously disadvantaged in terms of trying to improve the organic seo in the future.


 Dormant companies


This is a really important point, and that is sometimes some companies can be fairly large, but they may well be fairly dormant in terms of their seo activity.

That might be because the business might have paused paying for seo, but sometimes it could be because the marketing agency has got really complacent, because they’re working in a business sector where the seo work that’s needed is not that great.

So, if your business is competing with a lot of dormant companies, by that we mean the seo work for those companies has stagnated, then we can often leapfrog these companies fairly quickly.



Here’s the thing, when it comes to search engine optimisation, a lot of businesses always want quick fixes, ways which that can generate more business in the click of a finger.

Well for that, you do need Google Adwords, which is sometimes called PPC “Pay Per Click”. We do offer to manage businesses Google Adwords accounts for them, but, in this article we are going to be talking about something totally different, and that is organic SEO.


What does local SEO mean?

However, we have to say before we continue any further, when it comes to search engine optimisation whether it be organic or local SEO, there are rarely any quick fixes, or ways you can generate more business is the click of a finger. That’s because the truth is when it comes to search engine optimisation, it’s a long old slog, and that’s why when you contact any marketing agency, they normally quote you a monthly fee.

So for local seo, prices at our agency range between £1000.00 and £7000.00 depend

The reason why their quote in you a monthly fee, is simply because work needs to be implemented every single month, so therefore it’s most definitely not like switching on a light and you instantly can start seeing results.

SEO is a slow process that’s for sure, and here’s some of the ways


First things first, you need to get a well-designed website  

So many businesses will buy cheap websites, let’s say for £300 or even sometimes less than that, and then turn to various seo agencies such as ours for advice on how they can optimise that site.

In our humble opinion, your unlikely to get a well-designed website for £300 or less, of course you haven’t got to totally push the boat out and spend a fortune on how the website designed, but it does need to be well designed, before any search engine optimisation (SEO) work can begin.

So, you need to think about having unique, high quality content marketing, need to have each service separated onto a different page, the website needs to be fast and it needs to be well designed.

If the website is not well, designed, and it’s a rather basic, then the first step in improving your local seo might be to have the website’s design improved and, in some cases, it might need to be totally redesigned by a web designer. However with that said, before you have any company website redesigned, make sure you consult with a leading seo agency for advice, to make sure the seo, and redesign work is carried out to a high standard.


Set up a Google My Business account

This is an absolute piece of cake to do, and it shouldn’t take you too long to do.

The good thing is that to set up a Google My Business account is absolutely free, so you most definitely should do it, do make sure the NAP details, that is the name of your business, the company address and phone number all match we company website.

Start to build business citations on yellow pages, Thomson local, Wales online

Again this is an absolute piece of cake to do, we would recommend to start building business citations, on quality websites, such as yell, Thomson local, and also Wales online,  and make sure that the nap details your businesses Google my business account, and the nap details mentioned on your company website.

Next step is to write quality content marketing, whether that’s blog posts, evergreen content marketing, or to create new pages

The content marketing you add to your company website, needs to be top quality, you need to spend long time writing it, it needs to be well researched it needs to be simply top quality work.


Need you need to start fixing the on page seo

Even if the website cost £50,000 to have built, and it’s designed by top quality web design agency, often it will still need perfecting, in terms of the on page seo will need to be improved.

A really good digital marketing agency should add schema to your company website, also to help to improve the on page seo, such as adding internal links, add new pages, and add meta titles.

Make it fast, make it super sonic

Your website needs to be supersonic fast, it needs load on our smart phone in the blink of an eye, if it does not, in then you might need to change your hosting company.


Off-site seo, building backlinks, Google My Business, business citations

Your seo company should also start building do-follow, and no follow backlinks, it is much better to earn links, and often you need to help of the digital marketing agency to start doing this.

Simply haven’t got the time?


Whether your hairdresser, an accountant or you are a leading solicitor within your area, often businesses haven’t got the time to be improving their own search engine optimisation, that’s why they call us.

Often therefore you need to outsource this work to an seo agency, like ours, and that’s where we step in.

We have been working with many businesses over the last seven years, to implement top quality white hat work.

If you want the very best quality search engine optimisation applied to your website, if you want us to help you to drum up more sales, if you want the work completed in a white hat way then you should call us.


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So it does go without saying that right throughout the United Kingdom, there are quite simply a mass of SEO consultants. There are quite literally thousands of seo consultants.

And this is a bit like saying there are a huge number of hairdressers in the U.K , the only problem is some hairdressers will have you walking out of the salon, thinking that your barnet looks rather brilliant, and you may walk down the road feeling a million dollars.

Yet, there are some other hairdressers, lets say that are much less skilled, that might make you think that you don’t want to step outside your house again,  because they’ve made a right mess of your hair.

And this is exactly the same when it comes to search engine optimisation, there are some are simply quite brilliant seo experts out there, which can help your business to drum up more sales.

Then on the other hand, there are a mass of seo consultants, which are all intents and purposes winging it.




So this begs the question, how do you go about finding a true seo expert?  

Well, we think the truth is most definitely in the pudding, meaning that you only can know when you’ve hired an ace of an seo expert, when they start to generate more sales for your business.

However there are some things you can do to try and work out if you are dealing with an expert, or someone who’s just blagging it.

So, do read on, as some helpful pointers can be gleaned from this article. What we would say, before we go on any further is this, whether you hire an seo agency, that employs many people, or a freelancer working in a spare bedroom, it doesn’t matter if there a freelancer or large marketing business, it all boils down to the quality of the work.

The search engine optimisation work must be top quality, so you really do need to take your time finding a company, make sure that they are offering you quality work.


So one way of knowing if the work is quality or not, is you could do it yourself? 

You could learn seo yourself, yet take it from that it takes hundreds of hours to learn, its not as simple as some people would have you believe.

And saying learn seo yourself, well,  that’s a bit like saying to someone, don’t use  a translator, go and learn the language yourself. Well, not everyone has the time for that, and that’s why its outsourced to agencies like ours.

But, again, the work must be super high quality, it must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, it must also be approved by Googles EAT, it must also not be deemed as “spam” by Google’s algorithm, so as you can see, Google, and  the other major search engines, well they go to great lengths to make sure spam is removed, websites that have spam are penalised, and the businesses with partner with good seo consultants, are rewarded with higher rankings, if the work is good quality.




So, lets get down to the main point on this article, what is an SEO expert?

So first things first, what is an seo expert? Well, quite simply put it somebody who understands how Google’s algorithm works, that has spent huge amount of time practising different methods, to get businesses to the top of Google. That’s to say, they most likely have learnt not just by reading hundreds of seo articles online, but also will have most likely had test websites, where they have tested their methods, to see what seo methods work, and which ones don’t.

An seo expert is somebody who has a huge amount of experience, and can clealy demonstrate that they have got many businesses the top of Google. The really good seo consultants will be able to demonstrate they got businesses the top of Google in highly competitive business sectors, such as the car insurance industry, legal sector, or perhaps for e-commerce website, selling products in a very competitive business sector, such as a company which sells clothing online.



The seo expert should be able to clearly show, they have moved many businesses higher in Google’s  search engine result pages (SERPs).

So the name of the game is obviously to get businesses higher up in Google’s Serps, an seo expert should be able to show they can do this for many different companies, and this will obviously demonstrate that have the skill set to help your business to get onto the first page of Google.

However as a business, you need to make sure that they are using white hat methods.




Competitive keywords  

As earlier mentioned,, if the seo expert can demonstrate they have managed to get many businesses onto the first page of Google, and for highly competitive keywords, such as “car insurance” then this again shows clearly that they have a lots of knowledge in what they do, as long as they use white hat methods to get those business there.


The seo expert should have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and most likely have spent hundreds of hours testing their methods. Some might describe this as honing their craft, yet what’s for sure, is you can read about seo, and read some more, and some more, yet, nothing really compare to registering some domain names, and testing your seo methods yourself, as its only then you get a sense for what works and what doesn’t.


How does someone become an SEO Expert? How do you learn the Matrix?


This is a really good question, we would say just comes down to trial and error, obviously you can’t take a trial-and-error approach with a client’s website, as they are paying to see results.

What you can do however, is use your own domain names, as test websites, to move websites up in different industries, you may even if you get those domain names to page one of Google. If these websites do get onto the first page, you may, sometimes be able to sell, those domain names, to a business that may want to use the domain name, lets say “name of  business sector  + city name”  so that they could use the domain names to help improve their seo.

That’s if there has been sufficient seo strength assigned to that domain name, then the next business that uses that same domain name, may see there seo improved. Of course, the work needs to be white hat.




A huge amount of reading

To become an expert at search engine optimisation, you need to do a huge amount of reading, you need to visit many quality websites, we would highly recommend Search Engine Roundtable, Moz and also Backlinko, if you are to start learning how seo is done.

So you do need to spend hundreds of hours reading various articles, reading about everything from how to build backlinks, how to write content marketing, and how to improve your onsite seo.


Spend time reading about how the search engines work

Search engines, well there more complicated than any car engine that’s for sure, a good seo consultant should know a lot about the following:

–        Googlebot, how it works, and what it does

–        Quality content marketing, when its done right, it can be truly effective

–        Write for the customer, not for the search engines

–        Various Google updates, the seo consultant should know about the more significant updates, the Google Pande update,  the Google Penguin update, the Google Hummingbird update

–        How Google’s algorithm penalises low quality seo

The seo expert needs to have a good understanding of how Google’s algorithm works, how its been refined and improved over years, from the days of Google’s PageRank, through to more recent updates, such as the introduction of how Google’s RankBrain, using AI is now changing SEO. 



“The only way the know-how Google algorithm really works is to have a bunch of test websites, that you own, and test various seo methods out yourself.”





Some people would have studied SEO at university, but in our opinion we think is far better to learn about seo yourself, have a bunch of test websites and you simply test different white hat methods, until you find a process that works for you.

You could learn seo at university, but really, we think its better to study yourself, test your seo methods, and just keep your seo knowledge as up to date as you can.

For us, learning SEO at university did not appeal to us at all, a but for some others, it may be their route to success, and a great career.





Why are really good SEO consultants so expensive?

The simple fact of the matter is there are thousands of so-called “SEO Experts” out there, they may well be in Scotland, in England and in Wales, the country is full of them.

But the problem is this, in reality, we think are very few that there are actually any good, that can cut the mustard, that know exactly what they’re talking about, and that have a huge level of experience in doing what they do.

so what we would say is there’s a massive difference between somebody who talks the talk and then can walk the walk.

So really good seo consultants are normally hired by large plc companies, or they work for themselves as consultants, and the really good seo consultants well can charge high daily rates simply because if they are good at what they do, their services will be in high demand.




Skills An SEO expert will need


As you are probably aware already, organic SEO can be split into a broad areas including:


  •   Technical SEO

An seo consultant needs to have a good knowledge of technical seo, so for example, making sure there’s a site map and every page and blog post can be crawled and indexed.

  •   On-Site SEO

A really good seo expert should have knowledge about to improve the businesses onsite seo, sometimes referred to as on page seo.

  •  Off-Site SEO


An seo expert should be able to build quality backlinks.


Here some of the other areas that an seo consultant should have knowledge about as well


 Page speed and performance optimisation

It’s really important that the seo expert that you hire understands how we can make your website load faster on smartphones. If a website loads just a second slower, well, this could mean a competitor may rank higher than your business.


  •  Crawl budget optimisation

Each website will get crawled and indexed, by Googlebot at different intervals, it does depend on your business, your seo consultants’ job is to make sure every page can get crawled and indexed.


  •   Site architecture  

The seo expert that you hire should have understanding of site architecture, and how to create main pages in order to  improve your businesses seo.


  •     Keyword research

The seo consultant should have knowledge of how to carry out keyword research


  •     On-page optimisation

They should also have a good understanding of the following:

  •     They should create an internal linking strategy
  •     How to improve a websites User experience
  •     They should write a plan on how they will build backlinks for the business
  •     They should write a “content calendar” and mention what they intend to write about, and when they will publish that work.
  •   They should have knowledge about how to build citations   
  •     Google My business creation, plus how they will optimise that listing




This is a question which many business owners will have pondered over for some time, sipping on their cup of tea, and thinking well, should we hire an in-house search engine optimisation consultant in-house? Or perhaps, instead hire a digital marketing agency to help to get our business in the top position on Google?


And sometimes a business arrives at their decision, based on price alone, that’s to say, you might be able to hire a full-time search engine optimisation consultant for let’s say £30,000 a year and they may help with the following tasks:

–        Improve the onsite seo

–        Build backlinks

–        Write new content marketing


Should we hire a full time SEO consultant?

And to a lot of businesses, well, this might sound appealing having a full time seo consultant working for the business and trying to improve the seo, for say 35 hours a week.

Yet  if you fork out the same amount to a local seo agency, well, that might mean they are only working on improving the search engine optimisation for a lot less hours, for example, they may only in comparison, say work on improving the businesses seo, for say 10 hours, for the same money?

Of course, rates vary depending on which search engine optimisation company your hire.

Yet here’s the thing, what you really need, is an seo consultant that has a huge amount of seo experience.

And we would say, in our opinion, often the really highly experienced search engine optimisation consultants either work themselves, or as part of a large agency.

That’s not to say, there’s still some really good seo staff in-house who can do a brilliant job, but often the really talented seo consultants, they don’t come cheap. So, if you hire someone at say 30k, well how much experience do they have?

If they have a ton of experience, well, that’s all well and good.

Yet, in areas like London, Bristol, Cardiff, well, you might struggle, to find an search engine optimisation consultant that’s hugely experienced at what they do, for around that money



Here are the types of seo tasks that your seo consultant or agency should be working on, in order to improve your businesses search engine optimisation:


Technical SEO

The first thing to do is to see if there are any technical seo issues, these could be something as simple as a 404-page error, or let’s say a 301 redirect is needed.

Depending on the size of the website, for example if it’s a large e-commerce website, then to sort out the technical seo issues, well this might take quite a while, however if it’s a simple brochure website, say 10 pages, or less, well this work can often be completed in a shorter period of time.


You should create a marketing strategy

So, we would say it’s always a good idea to have a plan, whether it’s a business plan, or simply you shopping list which you have scribble down on a piece of paper, so that you come home from the local supermarket with the food that you need.

So, we think always a good idea to have a plan, and this is no exception with your businesses marketing.

We think your marketing agency should have a plan, they should therefore create a plan for what content marketing they are going to write, also they should plan of how they are going to go about building backlinks for your business, and also another plan how they will improve the on-site seo for your business.


Content marketing

So let’s say that you operate in a business sector, that is massively competitive, that’s the say your business is based, in a large city such as Cardiff, and you could have 100 directs competitors that are all based within the same city, which are also paying seo agencies, like ours, to improve the companies organic seo.

So let’s say that you run a family law practice in the city of Cardiff.

Now, let’s say that on average your solicitors are billed out at around £350 per hour, do you really want your solicitors to be writing the content marketing for your website? That’s to say if it might take them the whole day to write one long, 3,000 word article?

That’s when you could instead hire a seo agency, like ours at £70 an hour to do the same work? So our seo agency, offers fantastic value for money.



Link building is massively time-consuming job, for example, to build one single quality backlink, whether its do-follow, or no follow,, it might take three days of solid work to obtain a quality backlink for your business.

Sure, you could build a business citation (NAP) in a much shorter period of time, but what we are talking about is quality backlinks, and they take a long time to build.

Therefore, even if you have one full time member of staff working on improving your organic seo, in-house for your business, you still might want an seo agency to help build backlinks for your business.


Graphic design.

You should think about whether or not you’re going to hire somebody in-house that can create graphic design work for your business.

For example, you might want to create an infographic, yet if the member of staff in-house hasn’t got the skill set to create infographic, then you might need to hire an seo agency or a web design company to help you. So sometimes you will still need the help of a digital marketing agency, even if you have inhouse seo staff.


Social media

Social media can take up a lot of time as well, because is not just about writing posts and publishing them on a regular basis, you often have to respond to your customers questions that they post, on say your Facebook account.

For example, let’s say that an angry customer that is not particularly happy with the service they have received,, writes a comment on one of your companies social media accounts.

Well, as the business owner, you will not want that customer saying negative things about your business on social media, without your business posting a reply back to that comment, so what we mean is, your often going to need someone managing your businesses social media on a daily basis, so that customer feedback is replied to promptly.

So, you do have to think about in regards to your businesses social media, whether you want to outsource that work to an marketing agency, or whether you want to employ somebody in-house to manage your businesses social media?



Should you outsource your seo services?

This does depend entirely upon your business, and your marketing budget which you have available to you, what is for sure is that whether you employ somebody in-house to improve your seo, or if you were to outsource the seo work,  you are going to need to invest in white hat, and high quality seo.


So, you received an e-mail from your web designers, to tell you that the website they have been busy building for the last six months is now finished.

You take a look at the website, and you are very happy with the finished design, you think it looks brilliant. However, there is a problem, many months roll by, and you don’t receive a single enquiry. You start to think should I have forked out all that money on having an expensive website designed for my business?

This has you scratching your head, thinking I just spent £10,000 on this new website, why on earth isn’t it generating me any sales?

Well, the simple answer is, often it’s not enough today just to have a website designed in order to generate more sales, instead you also need to also invest in search engine optimisation.

Thankfully there are thousands of SEO agencies, here in the United Kingdom, however you really do need one that is worth their weight in gold.

What we mean by that is there are a lot of agencies which offer low quality SEO work, avoid these hire a really good SEO agency like top space.



Why is SEO super important for your brand?

It doesn’t matter that you sell aluminium ladders online, expensive hair straighteners or car parts, you’re obviously going to want to sell more products, and often to do this a lot of businesses to invest in quality search engine optimisation to help your business stand out

So, before you go in higher a local SEO agency it’s a good idea to know some of the terms that they often use, when they are describing how they are going to improve the SEO on your company website.

Domain Authority

You don’t hear this term used that much anymore, because it refers back to the days of page rank, however some SCO tools still use domain authority to explain how strong a business’s SEO is

Competitor Research

Your SEO agency should undertake what is called competitor research, they should look at your competitors backlinks, content marketing and also business citations, to see how strong your competitors SEO is, so the agency can then work out how much work is needed to do in order to get your businesses SEO to rank on the first page.

Often SEO agencies such as ours often undertake this work right at the start, it’s often called an SEO audit, so that we can work out how much to quote our clients for our SEO services.

Content Marketing

Regardless of which industry your businesses in, whether you run a hairdressing salon, or you are an accountant or perhaps you are a builder?

To improve your search engine optimisation, you will need high quality content marketing.

Duplicate Website Content

Whichever online marketing agency you do end up hiring, they should make sure by using different SEO tools, that your website hasn’t got any duplicated content marketing, if it has then this should be replaced straightaway, as it could damage your businesses search engine optimisation.


 Link Building

Your digital marketing agency is likely to spend a huge amount of time link building, your business is therefore going to need a lot of quality do follow and no follow backlinks.


What is Digital PR?

Your online marketing agency should capitalise on when your company wins any business awards.

For example, a local newspaper might write a story about your business winning a business award, you could then ask the newspaper for a backlink.



On-site content and blogging

Blogging can take up a lot of time, for example writing a 1000 words blog post can take up a huge amount of time sometimes.

Therefore you might wish to hire an SCO agency to do this work


Page Performance and Page Speed

If somebody wants to buy a product from your website, let’s say a new blender for the kitchen, and they’re doing this on the way home from work, using say on their android smartphone, well if your website simply takes too long to load on a smart phone, then that shopper is likely to buy from a competitor’s website instead

Therefore whichever digital marketing agency you hire in Cardiff, they should make sure that your website is fast.



What is Meta Data?

Whether the marketing agency is adding a blog post, a new page they should always write a meta title and meta description for every single page.



Keyword Research

Before an SEO company starts to improve  a businesses organic search engine optimisation, the digital marketing agency should carry out keyword research, this is to  see which words they should be optimising the company website for.

So, for example if we were working a plumbing business, then we would use a really good quality SEO tool to undertake keyword research, that SEO tool is likely to tell us that we need to optimise the website boiler repair, heating engineers and local plumbers.


Technical SEO

Your SEO agency should improve your businesses technical SEO as well.



Redirects and 404s

If there are any 404 page errors, your web designer should fix these



Sitemaps and Submitting URLs

If you web designers design a new page, your web designers should then submit the URL to make sure that it can get crawled and indexed as soon as possible, also the site map should be updated.


Google Analytics

We would highly recommend getting a Google Analytics account.



What is Google Search Console?

We would also highly recommend getting a Google Search Console account.


Does social media help SEO?

It’s most definitely does, let’s say that you spend three days writing a long blog post, let’s say that 7000 words in total your obviously going to want as many readers to read it is possible, so that they might possibly buy a product from you.

A way therefore of getting potentially thousands of readers to read your blog post, that you have just finished writing, is to is to promote it using social media such as Facebook.



The difference between Organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC)

with organic SEO, you could have let’s say 1 million visitors to your website and you don’t pay one penny for each visitor, that’s because organic visitors can visit your website for free.

Pay per click is totally different, you have to pay for every click to your website.




A guide to internal linking



if you’ve spent a lot of time with your seo consultants, then they are bound to have mentioned the importance of backlinks.

However, when they are talking about backlinks, they will often be talking about the importance of these links in terms of them coming from another website.

This means that sometimes for some agencies, they don’t focus on building enough internal links, which can be helpful to improve a lot of businesses organic search engine optimisation.

So, the whole point of this article is therefore to advise not overlook the power of internal linking.

So, we thought we would write, a beginners guide to what internal links are, and how they can be used in a white hat way, to help boost your seo.


What exactly are internal links?

Internal links, are simply links on your website there is take you to another page or blog post within the same website.

So therefore, in a nutshell, they don’t take you to another website, they take you simply to another page on the same website.

Now this can be very useful, let’s say for example a web designers’ website, they are likely to talk about the same things on a regular basis.

So, for example they might be talking about how to design a WordPress website, and they might state within the article why it’s important to have a responsive version of the website built so that it can work on a android smartphone.

Now this might just be a paragraph of text, which simply mentions why it’s important to have a mobile version of your website built.

Previously, let’s say a year ago, the most experienced web developer might have helped by writing a 3000 words blog post about how to design a good mobile website.

Now if somebody within the company is obviously gone to great lengths, to write a comprehensive article about why it’s important to have a mobile version of the company website, then it’s most definitely worth linking to.

That’s because somebody might be reading a blog post about how to design a WordPress website, but then they read that it’s particularly important that the mobile version of the website is well designed as well.

They may want to read that article as well, and they might say take 30 minutes reading it in total, and as any good digital marketing agency will tell you, it’s good to reduce a company’s bounce rate, and at the same time improve how long somebody is spending on your company website.


Now you might be thinking well why is it a good idea to keep readers on your website for as long as possible?

The simple answer is, a lot of digital marketing agencies, believe that it’s a very clear sign that your content marketing answers the question that the shopper want answered. If it didn’t then the reader would simply leave the website straightaway, if it didn’t answer their question, so if they instead spend on average 30 minutes reading that blog post, then this is a very clear indication that your content marketing answers their question, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so long reading it.

So why are internal links so important to improve my content marketing

Here are five reasons why internal linking is important when improving a company’s organic seo




Internal Links Help the search engines, such as Google Understand Your Website’s Structure


Simply put, by having a lot of internal link’s, which are added in a white hat way this can help Google and other search engines find and index pages and blog posts on your website. Google bots can simply crawl your website much easier when you have added internal links, this can also help helps index new pages faster.


So, you might be confused as to what this means exactly?

Well let’s say that you add a new blog post let’s say it’s 3000 words and you talking about a new product that your selling which is a wax cars that doesn’t require any water.

Now if your company has gone through the effort of writing so much text and advice on how somebody can protect the paintwork of their car, you’re going to want this to improve your SEO, and you want as many people to read the article as possible, so that you stand a much better chance of selling more car wax.

Now if the article is not indexed by Google then it can’t show up on Google, what this means is that if it’s not indexed Google simply won’t know that you have written the work, and therefore your SEO cannot improve.

However, with that said if you add an internal link from one of your main pages to the blog post, that main pages are likely to have already been indexed.

If it’s already been indexed, then it’s likely to keep getting read by Google on a regular basis, therefore if you were to add an internal link to that page which is regularly read by Google, then the new internal link will be followed and this means that your new blog post, that you have written about car wax that doesn’t require any water to be added to the car, that will then be indexed as well because the internal link will be followed.

So basically, what we are saying is, internal links simply allow your content marketing to be discovered faster by Google.


Internal Links, with anchor text written in a white hat way helps Both Google and shoppers Understand Your Content marketing

when you write a descriptive anchor text, yet remember this needs to be done in a white hat way this information is useful to both shoppers and Google to know what the links page is about.

For example, let’s say that your business sells a musical instruments online, and you have a new range of drums which have just been made by a new drum manufacturer.

If you therefore use the anchor text, we now stock, ABC drums, by yours now, then this is a very clear signal that page is about drum.

If you therefore have various anchor text about musical instruments, such as saxophones, drums and pianos, then this is a very clear indication to Google that your business retails music equipment

this is why it’s not a good idea to use generic anchor text

for example if you’re web designers were to over use the anchor text click here, then that doesn’t give a good idea to the shopper and also Google what that page is about.

So if you were to instead of using the anchor text click here, instead you used the anchor text drumsticks, then this is a very clear signal to Google that, that particular page is about drumsticks.


Internal links can also help to spread link authority, sometimes referred to link juice across your website or to a page


You may have heard of the description link juice?

This is the description that is used for the organic SEO benefit that can come through an external link which is passed through to a page which that it links to on your website.


Now you may be wondering what does that even mean?

 So, let’s say example that your business is a start-up business, in central Cardiff, you taken over a distillery and you have now started producing very high-quality whiskey.

Let’s say that you take on 100 staff, and you plan on producing very fine quality Welsh whiskey, let’s say that the BBC, that is the British broadcasting Corp decides to write an article about this.

Then they may link to your company website, where you sell your Welsh whiskey, there would be a huge seo benefit from a website such as the British broadcasting Corporation, the BBC linking to your whiskey website and passing link equity through to a page.

It could dramatically improve the businesses organic SEO, because it is such a valuable link to have.

Therefore, if your business was to be mentioned on a website such as the BBC, it’s likely that your digital marketing company will try to make the most of that opportunity, and ask if they link can be added from the BBC’s website through to the whiskey website.

What might happen there is the page that sells Welsh whiskey, has a BBC link, my dramatically within a week change where ranks organically.

It might have been on page 10 of Google before the link was added to the BBC’s website, in afterwards you might find that the whiskey website because it has obtained a quality do follow link might move onto page one of Google results.

What’s your digital marketing agency may then do, because you have such a high-powered link coming to the homepage, they might use internal links to help spread that link equity onto other pages.

So, for example, the digital marketing agency may add additional internal links from the homepage, to the page which sells Welsh whiskey, they may add an internal link from the homepage to the about us page, they may add another link from the homepage to the contact us page.

This can help to spread Link authority across these pages.




 When to link to internal page


 When you think of the blog posts that the business writes, they may write hundreds of various articles.

Often these articles will sometimes cover the same topics, for example let’s say that you are a divorce solicitor, and you are writing about how to start the divorce process.

You might within another article start to talk about what are called the fault grounds, what you wish to base the reason for your divorce on.

Therefore, these two articles are related, because to start the divorce process you often have to pick fault grounds.

Because these two blog posts may well be of interest to the reader, the digital marketing agency may add an internal link.

Therefore, when somebody starts to read the article about how to start the divorce process, they may click the link to read about the various fault grounds that they could pick when going through a divorce.

Therefore, we would recommend that you only use internal links, when it is helpful to the reader, plus the anchor text must always be written in a white hat way.


Our top tips for internal linking

Don’t write for seo benefit

a common mistake that some businesses often make, is to use the same words for the anchor text on a repeat basis

So, for example, let’s say that your business sells luxury handbags, you might use the anchor text luxury handbags a number of times. However, if it’s used too much, this could actually damage your seo.

It’s far better to write the anchor text to help your shoppers find products or services that they are interested in purchasing.

So, forget about SEO for a second, concentrate just on helping your customers, if you help your customers and use of white hat SEO then you will be improving your organic seo.


So, what do we mean by writing the anchor text so that it helps your customers?

You might wish to write for example, the brand of handbag such as Gucci, you may then wish to write a description of the handbag, so that when somebody clicks on that anchor text, they know that the page is about a Gucci handbag that might be let’s say made from brown leather.

Therefore, it’s a really good idea to write the anchor text, so that it correctly describes the page or the blog post that it leads to.

Let’s give you another example, you might sell a product where all of the products are rather similar.

Let’s say aluminium ladders, yet instead of keep mentioning aluminium ladders on a repeat basis you might wish to add more description to the anchor text, for example you might want to write roofing ladders, stepladders or let’s say wooden ladders.

The shopper knows therefore what that page is about.