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Whether your business uses a WordPress website, magenta or perhaps a Joomla website, our SEO company will be able to help improve your businesses organic SEO. We work with businesses all across the United Kingdom, we can help you to improve your search engine optimisation. We can help improve the on-site and off-site SEO, we can help improve a business’s SEO whether you have a WordPress, Joomla or a Magento website.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is in very popular content management system here in the United Kingdom and across the whole world. There are many advantages to choosing WordPress, including its easy-to-use dashboard, the vast amount of free plug-ins as well as the fact that it can be easily updated.<br />

Joomla SEO

Joomla is another very popular content management system, there are many advantages to also choosing Joomla!. The dashboard again is very easy-to-use, our SEO consultants can optimise your Joomla website.</p> <p>


Sometimes a CMS will be built by a web design agency, yet quite often, is will have a dashboard that can be used by our SEO consultants to improve your businesses search engine optimisation. We can therefore do everything from adding internal links right through to adding content marketing and meta descriptions.<br />


Your business might have a magenta website, if you have a Magento website, we can offer to improve your company’s organic search engine optimisation. Our SEO consultants can improve your businesses SEO in a white hat way.<br />

Which content management system does your business have?

You might not know which CMS, that is content management system that your business has, however our web developers will be able to tell in less than 60 seconds which CMS your company has.

We can help to improve your businesses search engine optimisation, regardless which CMS you have.

There might be occasions, when the company website is so basic, that it might need a lot of work in order to improve the on-site SEO.

For example, with some really cheap website, sometimes the web developers, may have only added a few lines of text per page. Yet we can improve the on-site SEO of any CMS, that regardless of whether you have a WIX Magento , or a WordPress website.

The cost of our SEO, will be dependent on where the you require national, local SEO, also how can your business sector is.

For example, in some business sectors it is highly competitive, which means that some businesses might have been spending millions of pounds on SEO for a very long period of time. Therefore, to overtake these businesses will take a lot of time, and a higher marketing budget.

If your competitors have been spending less on SEO and for a short period of time, then these are easier to overtake and therefore our monthly fee will be less.

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Why should our business choose your SEO agency?

If you own a WordPress website, then you might be looking for an SEO agency which can improve your WordPress website's SEO.
We can build high-quality backlinks to your WordPress website; we can write content marketing we can improve the on-site SEO and off-site SEO.
So, whether you own a WordPress website, and you are a dental practice, you are a solicitor or you might be an estate agent.
We can improve your businesses organic SEO.

White Hat

Content Marketing experts

Affordable prices

Monthly SEO packages starting from £180.00.


Backlinks, content marketing and on-site SEO

We have SEO consultants that have over 10 years’ experience implementing quality white hat SEO for many Cardiff businesses and companies across the United Kingdom. Whether your business needs a lot of high-quality backlinks, whether you need more content marketing, or your website’s on-site SEO improved, we are the SEO agency can help.

We can also offer web design services, so for example before we start improving your company’s organic SEO, you may hire our web developers and web designers to start redesigning your whole website.

For example, your current website might be a WordPress website, which has been designed over 10 years ago, you might want it redesigned because since then your company has grown, and you now offer many more services than when you started. You might therefore want our web developers, to build a brand-new WordPress website for you, before our SEO consultants start work on improving the on-site and off-site SEO.

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SEO consultants with over 10 years’ experience

Whether your business has WordPress, Joomla or a Magento content management system, we will be able to improve your businesses SEO. With affordable monthly prices, we can work with all types of businesses, ranging from plc companies right through to start-up businesses.
We can help to improve your businesses local SEO, if you just want to improve your SEO for a city like Cardiff or we could improve your businesses search engine optimisation on a national basis right across the whole of the United Kingdom.
We can work with any type of business, whether you run a solicitor’s practice, multiple hairdressing salons, or perhaps you are estate agents we can help you to improve your SEO.