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Local SEO

We offer an affordable local SEO service to businesses based within the city of Cardiff. We are experts at implementing white hat seo. Our prices start from £180.00 per month up to £3000.00 per month.

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Affordable Prices

Some digital marketing agencies can charge ridiculous rates. However, Top Space have some of the most experienced seo consultants within Cardiff and we charge sensible prices for our services.

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Google My Business

We can optimise your businesses Google My Business account. This means that when people are searching for goods or services within Cardiff, that your business offers, then you rank high within Google My Business listings.

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Ranking signals

In order to rank at the top of Google locally, the website will need to strengthen its ranking signals. For local seo, a website will need quality business citations, quality backlinks and quality content marketing we can offer all of these services.

The higher your website is, the more visitors you will receive

We can help to place your website high within Google’s rankings. However, its also important that your website is optimised for as many relevant keywords.
We are the experts at understanding the keywords people use to find a business, we then optimise your website for the most relevant keywords.
We are the experts within Cardiff if your business requires local seo.

Reach the top with Top Space

Within Cardiff there are many digital marketing agencies to choose from. However very few offer the best quality work at a sensible price.

Most agencies have fallen into the trap of competing on price. This often means that seo is implemented at a rock bottom price, which may initially sound appealing to a business looking to invest in seo.

However, Google’s algorithm is now refined, and so sophisticated that if spammy or low quality methods are used, then this can trigger a Google penalty. The most common forms of Google Penalties are Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

The seo agencies that offer cheap prices often have to cut corners. Therefore sooner or later, if low quality methods are used, the business will receive a Google Penalty.
We only use the best methods. These methods can mean that it takes longer to bring about the necessary results, yet the business is not running the risk of incurring an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

We are therefore the experts within Cardiff at implementing what is called white hat seo. Many agencies state they use the very best white hat methods, when some in matter of fact do not.

Many businesses both large and small use Top Space because we have some of the most experienced SEO professionals working at our agency.

So, if your business values quality, you will value our seo service.

Local Backlinks
Business Citations
SEO Experts

What methods does your SEO agency use to implement quality local SEO?

Citation Building (NAP)

We can build quality business citations. We can strengthen your businesses nap signals. We can also rectify any citations that are conflicting. We can also optimise your business Google My Business account.

Local Link Building

We can build high quality backlinks for your business. High quality backlinks can improve your business organic ranking within the city of Cardiff. We are link building experts.

Content Marketing

No matter if you are optimising your website locally or your business requires national seo, content marketing is important.

White Hat

Our Cardiff SEO company will only ever use the best quality white hat methods. We offer affordable prices, our local seo packages start from just £180.00 per month.


Cardiff SEO Agency

Do not pay over the odds to your Cardiff seo company. We offer quality white seo, our prices are affordable. We can help your business to improve its local and organic rankings.


Local SEO Experts

Not many seo companies within Cardiff have marketing consultants with over 10 years’ worth of solid seo experience. We are the experts, we can offer you quality white hat work, which will take your business to the top of Google


Local SEO Packages from £180.00 per month

Our local seo prices start from £180.00 per month. Our monthly fee is dependent on how competitive your business sector. Prices range between £180.00 and £3000.00 per month.



We have some of the most experienced seo consultants within Cardiff working for us. We have marketing consultants that have in excess of 10 years’ worth of marketing experience.

What makes our agency different

If you were to Google “Cardiff SEO” you will see that there are now hundreds of companies. However, we are different.

We offer quality work at affordable prices.

We also do not use marketing jargon when it is not needed. We prefer to explain our organic and local seo methods in plain English.

Our clients range from large law practices, through to independent retailers.
What makes our agency different is our uncompromising approach to only using quality methods.

So many digital marketing agencies will charge local businesses around £200.00 per month for their seo services. However, £200.00 a month may well be a drop in the ocean as to the time that is really needed to start overtaking your competition.

Then some seo companies come under pressure to show results, some use automated seo methods which can sometimes trigger Google penalties. A link penalty such as Google Penguin, or a onsite penalty such as Google Panda can be difficult to rectify.

And often the penalty is only placed on the website months after the work has been implemented.

This means that so many seo companies implement cheap low quality work, with the mindset that they only want to take a fee of their clients for the short term. That’s before of course the website is impacted by a algorithmic or manual penalty.
We are different, we don’t want to take our clients rankings on a roller-coaster of ups and downs. We instead prefer quality results, that only come from quality work.
Quite put, we are the local seo experts within the city of Cardiff.

We have highly experienced staff, and we offer some of the best prices your business will find.

Why not give us a ring today?

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Don’t compromise, choose Top Space

Top Space has helped countless businesses within South Wales to reach the top of Google.

Whether the business in question is an accountancy practice, or a restaurant in the middle of Cardiff’s city centre, we can help your business to reach the top.

Here’s how we can help improve your businesses local SEO:

Optimising your business Google My Business account

We can optimise your business Google My Business account. We can make that your businesses Google My Business account is kept to date, we can also make sure that your business NAP signals are correct.

We can generate high quality business citations

Google’s algorithm can index all mentions of your businesses name, address and phone number.

Google’s algorithm then uses this information to cross check with your businesses Google My Business account and also the contact details that have been mentioned on your website.

High quality backlinks.

The businesses that rank at the top of the SERP’s will normally have the best quality backlinks.

We can obtain high quality backlinks, that are relevant to your business, so that your business can rank at the top of Google.

We are Cardiff SEO experts, we work with both large businesses and also small businesses as well.

Content marketing

If your business wants to rank high organically and within the Google My Business results, then your business will need quality content marketing.

We can add quality content marketing to your website blog or news section of your businesses website.

Onsite SEO

We can help to improve your businesses onsite seo. Whether your business needs improved meta titles and meta descriptions, or your business needs better internal backlinks, we can help.

Offsite SEO

Your business may need quality backlinks, quality business citations and help with your business social media, we can help.